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Last night, I was trying not to think of the things that were bothering me (largely Trump, along with some other stuff) when the word “stigmata” popped into my head. I don’t know why. I’ve always liked the sound of … Continue reading

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I Don’t Practice Santeria

But I do love a botanica. I just found another one in Long Beach, hidden on a side street but filled with a million delights. Shelves that nearly reached the ceiling were stocked with perfumes, oils, cleaning sprays, amulets, religious … Continue reading

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Mother Theresa Was No Saint

I never liked Mother Theresa, despite her reputation as the embodiment of selfless compassion. She looked kind of sinister, and even smiling she exuded no warmth. I felt vindicated to learn that she had many critics. Aroup Chatterjee, a doctor … Continue reading

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It’s Lesbian Stick Time!

Let us all follow the Christmas tradition* of reading  The Story of the Lesbian Stick. ~ * Heartfelt atheist blessings to all you people who come here and especially you special ones who have given me so much. xo

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Lost Earring

Last night I realized that one of my favorite earrings is missing. It so happens that I only wear one of the earrings at a time, because Keith Richards is still my fashion muse. It’s a long safety pin earring … Continue reading

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Again With the Lesbian Stick

It’s an official tradition*; every year at this time, I have to post The Story of the Lesbian Stick.   If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, then you know nothing of lesbians or the Spirit of Christmas. Love … Continue reading

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Fashion: Too Fashionable

Louise Wilson, the course director of the M.A. program at Central Saint Martins, voices a complaint in an interview with Cathy Horyn. I think the problem is that fashion has become too fashionable. For years, fashion wasn’t fashionable. Today fashion … Continue reading

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The Sister Wolf Situation

Once, Sister Wolf had a great job. She sat on her ass and wrote stuff and got paid a very nice salary. Then, oh no, the fucking economy! Her job was cruelly taken away. Poor Sister Wolf! Having no income … Continue reading

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The Lesbian Stick: A Christmas Story

~this is a reprint from 2006, and a true story.~ Tonight, when I told my older son that I’d found a good Baby Jesus to steal, he reminded me of the Lesbian Stick. A long time ago, in a galaxy … Continue reading

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