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Time Out For Jimmy Choo

Everything is horrible and more horrible by the minute. We’re not going to be ready for the next outrage unless we stop and take a breath. Some may want to stop and smell the roses, but I prefer a bracing … Continue reading

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Finally, the $1,000 Plastic Bag!

Sorry, I’m exaggerating, this “top” is actually only $980, but sales tax will round it up. It is the apex of cutting edge fashion, ugly and disruptive as the day is long. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC evoked modern Americana in its … Continue reading

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Denim Doldrums Over at Last!

Like a bracing slap in the face, denim has returned with a vengeance for 2018, starting with this brilliant Denim Waist Belt by Unravel Project. Designed to appear like it’s been sliced from the top of your favorite jeans, this … Continue reading

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Hideous Denim 2017: The Last Gasp

I can’t say goodby to 2017 without offering one last gift of hideous denim. I have been shirking my duty for weeks but I hope I can make it up to you with this baffling monstrosity by Sacai. There’s always … Continue reading

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Has This Happened to You? *TRIGGER WARNING

You’re getting ready to go to a Halloween party and you’re going as Axl Rose. You’ve got your bandanna on and a t-shirt and you’re struggling to get your leather pants zipped up. They fit okay a couple of years … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Jane

I followed Jane, from Sea of Shoes, on Twitter and Instagram until she posted the picture above and I commented, “Nothing wrong here.” Boom, she blocked me. I understand. No one wants any comments that imply one is less than … Continue reading

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Comic Relief From Prada

When I first saw these Prada loafers, I thought “Walrus!” Then, “Groucho Marx!” And finally, “Ew!”  What do you see?? From the rear, you can really appreciate the heel. Are they going for a Gaudi mosaic tribute or just a … Continue reading

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Denim Nightmares

To quote a song from Suicidal Tendencies, “I’m not crazy; You’re the one who’s crazy!” I’m talking to you, Y/Project. What does this jacket want from us?? Is it trying to mimic an optical illusion? It is like one of … Continue reading

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Bootie Extravaganza F/W 20017

If you’re a Bootie Aficionado™, and who isn’t, this is the season you’ve been waiting for. For every time you’ve wondered why no one made booties with mink pom-poms or a thousand buckles, your prayers have been answered, with interest. … Continue reading

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All Fall Down: Trumpian Shoes

I’ve noticed a new trend in shoes, and it’s perfect for these maddening times. Heels that make walking dangerous if not impossible are kind of Trumpian somehow. Stupid, irrational, and mean-spirited….they are everything but fat and psychotic, right?? The Saint … Continue reading

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