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Armchair Psychology

Once upon a time, people used to accuse other people of being anal retentive, or just “anal.” You could also get a reaction by calling people “neurotic.” Remember “nymphomaniac?” That was a word used to shame girls who liked sex, … Continue reading

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We Need You To Stay.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I might have been able to ignore it if I hadn’t read that the son of a disgraced Fox news host killed himself yesterday by overdose. Nineteen year old Eric Chase Bolling Jr. was … Continue reading

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A Horror Story For The Age Of Trump

In North Carolina last week, an 18 year old boy chopped off his mom’s head and then called 911. I read an account of the incident and listened to a excerpt of the 911 call, which actually lasted for 16 … Continue reading

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  If it looks like Anthony Weiner is about to show you his dick in this picture, it’s because he probably is. Or, he would if he could. People are all excited that Weiner announced his run for mayor of … Continue reading

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When Can We Talk About Depression?

  Like everyone else, I am heartbroken by the loss of Aaron Swartz, 26, who hung himself last week. He was by all accounts an amazing person. He used his brilliance in technology to advance the cause of a free … Continue reading

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De Profundis

I’ve been meaning to read De Profundis since I read a biography of Oscar Wilde, around 100 years ago. I know Max read De Profundis and liked it. I was disappointed, though. Oscar Wilde managed to perceive a benefit from … Continue reading

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What Do We Want From Charlie Sheen?

Even though we’re sick of him, admit it, we’re not  through  with him.   There’s already an app to block out Sheen and Sheenisms, so you’ll never have to see his name or face again online. At the same time, there is a … Continue reading

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Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project

I watched “Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project” on Sundance last night, unprepared for its intensity. It was described as a documentary about a model-turned-photographer who takes pictures of her schizophrenic mother. Like “Tarnation,” it sucked me in from the very … Continue reading

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