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We Need You To Stay.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I might have been able to ignore it if I hadn’t read that the son of a disgraced Fox news host killed himself yesterday by overdose. Nineteen year old Eric Chase Bolling Jr. was … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Humanity

When did it become a human right to broadcast yourself around the world in real time? If it’s not a right, then let’s admit that humanity is not capable of using this technology responsibly. You may love the feeling of … Continue reading

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The Problem with Living

  On Thursday it will be three years. I never expected to still be around. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but it changes your emotional terrain. A couple of weeks ago, I considered living for the first time.  I was … Continue reading

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A Disturbance in the Force

  It hurt my heart to learn that Matthew Warren, the son of Pastor Rick Warren, ended his life at age 27. I didn’t even need to read the story to assume that Matthew’s death was caused by lifelong depression. … Continue reading

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A Special Game

Inner Vision is a computer game created by a college student who has given some thought to suicide. The goal of the game is to convince three people not to kill themselves. As a player, you interact with them, choosing … Continue reading

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When Can We Talk About Depression?

  Like everyone else, I am heartbroken by the loss of Aaron Swartz, 26, who hung himself last week. He was by all accounts an amazing person. He used his brilliance in technology to advance the cause of a free … Continue reading

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Crazy Mothers Club III

Sylvia Plath was a crazy mother, but what should we make of her son’s suicide? We know that depression runs in families, but most of us manage to hang on, even if our mothers were crazy. Maybe when a family … Continue reading

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Phil Spector, Shoes and Suicide

It’s hard to believe that Phil Spector (above with his crazy wife Rachelle) is STILL on trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. But on Friday, the prosecution rested its case against him. The last person to testify was Lana … Continue reading

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New Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen [updated w/ gerbil]

My Best Friend’s Girl This is a godawful romantic comedy that grates on the nerves and delivers another worthless performance by Kate Hudson in the role of a smiley airhead/vixen. Dane Cook is predictably repellent as the wise-cracking love-interest. The … Continue reading

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