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Stranger in Paradise: Evangelist Gets What He Deserves

Reading about John Allen Chau, the young American evangelist who was killed by tribesmen on a forbidden island, my first response was, Didn’t he see The Wicker Man? But the more I learned, the more I rooted for the isolated … Continue reading

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Adulteress: Part One

Years ago, when I was married to the wrong man, I fell madly in love with a guy who sold used books. He wasn’t my type, but he had a certain lanky, preppy appeal. We met when I wandered into … Continue reading

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Is Jeff Sessions the Devil?

Watching Jeff Sessions smile as he quoted the Bible to justify his immigration policy, I was chilled to the core. Surely this cunt is the Devil Himself! Not to downgrade Trump, who is an abomination, but I think with Sessions … Continue reading

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Raising The Dead

This year I’m not going to write about Mother’s Day, but the next best thing, death. I’ve just came across the work of photo-journalist Alain Schroeder in a series called Living for Death, and the story blew my mind. I … Continue reading

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Last night, I was trying not to think of the things that were bothering me (largely Trump, along with some other stuff) when the word “stigmata” popped into my head. I don’t know why. I’ve always liked the sound of … Continue reading

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I Don’t Practice Santeria

But I do love a botanica. I just found another one in Long Beach, hidden on a side street but filled with a million delights. Shelves that nearly reached the ceiling were stocked with perfumes, oils, cleaning sprays, amulets, religious … Continue reading

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Trump And Bannon: Killing Me Softly

I don’t know about you but this shit is killing me. Just since the inauguration, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome and eczema. I’m grinding my teeth and I’m glued to Twitter. Each new egregious development sends me into a … Continue reading

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Recycling Hostility

In just one day, I have received threats of physical violence and an actual curse, both transmitted over the Internet. Now, I am fully aware of having myself generated enough hostility online to light up several baseball stadiums if not … Continue reading

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Mother Theresa Was No Saint

I never liked Mother Theresa, despite her reputation as the embodiment of selfless compassion. She looked kind of sinister, and even smiling she exuded no warmth. I felt vindicated to learn that she had many critics. Aroup Chatterjee, a doctor … Continue reading

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Botanica: A Field Trip

Remember going on field trips when you were a kid? It was a chance to get out the classroom, and it would an adventure. Not always a good one, but a diversion from the routine of school. Last week I … Continue reading

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