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Autopsy, Seven Years In

The second time Max killed himself it was too surreal to take in. He was lying in his bed with one knee up and his headphones in his right hand, next to his IPod. When he wouldn’t wake up, I … Continue reading

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Six Years In

I went to the cemetery today to mark another year. It’s the most barren, godforsaken cemetery you could imagine. Across the way, there are great big headstones and grass, with benches to sit on. On our side, the side for … Continue reading

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The Famous Writer

Late in 2012, I became Facebook friends with a famous writer. I considered him one of the most talented writers around, a truly unique and brilliant voice. His novels are dark and disturbing but also hilarious. He not only accepted … Continue reading

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First World Problems

Let me start by telling you how mad I am that I can’t have a pair of limited edition Converse sneakers with little lions on them. I wish I’d never seen these fucking shoes but unfortunately for me, I subscribe … Continue reading

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Amanda Palmer and My Nose

Last night I went to see Amanda Palmer, aware that I might feel emotional, since Max loved Amanda and introduced me to The Dresden Dolls in the fist place. I couldn’t get as close to the stage as I’d hoped, … Continue reading

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I Hope to Dance Again Some Day

Community gardens in all of New York City’s five boroughs, many begun in the late 60’s and early 70’s, were the product of grass-roots activism. Residents who were unwilling to wait for the city to clean up abandoned lots, moved … Continue reading

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Typically Max

Spending most of his last 6 months in bed, Max starting using Facebook, and sent friend requests to everyone else who had his name. He was so pleased by the visual effect of Max Wolf leaving a comment for Max … Continue reading

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Be My Baby

The What band at some club in NYC featuring Max Wolf on guitar and lead vocal – covering his favorite song of all time.

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Stubborn Like Me

When Max and his friend Jonas were around 20 and living in New York, they made a bet on who could go longer with shaving only one side of his face. As you see, they committed fully to their bet. … Continue reading

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Neverending Trauma

Today some woman called from the medical supply company to talk about Max’s wheelchair. She wanted to schedule a pick-up time, since the insurance company won’t pay for the rental “once the client has passed.” I don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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