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Thanksgiving Epiphanies

First, let me assure you that this won’t be about stuff I’m thankful for. Although on Thanksgiving, I actually announced that I’m thankful for not being a dwarf. No offense to the dwarf community. Otherwise no, not thankful, I’m too … Continue reading

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Learning to Shut Up

The other night, I was upset by something someone had dropped into a phone conversation, and for hours afterward I struggled with the impulse to demand an explanation or retraction. By struggle, I mean I actually had to stop myself … Continue reading

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I Am Risen

A few days ago, I got up from the deathbed of my flu to see about the sawing noise from my backyard. A guy was building something right next to my fence, a wooden thing that towered around three or … Continue reading

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The Famous Writer

Late in 2012, I became Facebook friends with a famous writer. I considered him one of the most talented writers around, a truly unique and brilliant voice. His novels are dark and disturbing but also hilarious. He not only accepted … Continue reading

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If you’ve been following this story, you will be glad to hear that the Window Treatment issue has been sorted out. We are getting blinds in fake wood that looks really real, ordered from a fantastic Persian lady who also … Continue reading

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Peaches, Grief, Guilt and Restraining Orders

As I write this, we still don’t know what caused the death of poor Peaches Geldof but we are human, most of us, so we feel the tragedy. For me, it was yet another trigger, a blast of PTSD, complete … Continue reading

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Beatles Party

  My friend Jane threw a great party for her birthday, instructing her guests to dress as characters from a Beatles song. The creative challenge was enough to make me accept the invitation and even more noteworthy, to get up off my … Continue reading

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Fag Hag

I am a big fag hag and always have been. I’ll bet it’s politically incorrect to use the term but I think my gay friends are okay with it.   There’s nothing I love more than a gay man who will … Continue reading

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Revolution is for Lovers

The wait is over: Lucas Revolution is live online. Like I said over here, I couldn’t love him more. I’m passing along his message – Dear Lovers, Lucas here.   Launching my new website from the most beautifully squalid bar in … Continue reading

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Stubborn Like Me

When Max and his friend Jonas were around 20 and living in New York, they made a bet on who could go longer with shaving only one side of his face. As you see, they committed fully to their bet. … Continue reading

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