Revolution is for Lovers

The wait is over: Lucas Revolution is live online.

Like I said over here, I couldn’t love him more. I’m passing along his message –

Dear Lovers,

Lucas here.   Launching my new website from the most beautifully squalid bar in the Twin Cities.   The link is and it is so so so fresh.   I’m keeping a journal of my travels there so you can share in my wondrous adventures.   You can download little songs that I’m writing along the way, watch videos of the peoples who give me rides, see pictures of all the curious beings I meet along the way.   Also you can listen to ALL my records, Off the Grid, The WHAT!!!, Lux Perpetua!!   Shoot you can even sign up to play cello in the band or give me a foot massage!!!   SO checkacheckacheckitout!!   So So dope… Big major shoutout to Brother Charlie Wolf who is the genius behind the site and brought the dang thang to life.   If anybody needs anything done website wise, hit him up at: .   They don’t call him “The Wolf” for nothing.

One last thing.   Please take a look at the shows page and let me know if you know anyone anywhere or let them know about the show.   Or if you know anyone along the way.   Still trying to fill some gaps so….   Appreciate all your love and support.   Stay free.

Luv Lux

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5 Responses to Revolution is for Lovers

  1. Joy D. says:

    I love that the first thing i see when i click the link is a zoom in on weed. Browsing the site he is pretty hilarious. The latrine cleaning how to has me laughing still.

  2. Ann says:

    Godammit that website is awesome! That Charlie Wolf knows his code!

    So cool that Lucas is doing this. I wish I had the cojones to run off and do my thing with no hugely detailed plan. May Max and the other angels watch over him and keep him safe in his travels. I am excited for him and will be checking the website frequently.

  3. Tricia says:

    Seriously impressive website and great concept! Lucas can sleep on our pull-out couch in Brooklyn – it’s not exactly the band party house but there are lots of guitars, a few amps, and a very old-school metal bar across the street.

  4. Aja says:

    I’m always so envious of people on tour. Looks like the best way to see America.

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