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Grammys 2017 Exegesis

The real story is Adele vs Beyonce but first let’s get the other stuff out of the way for those who missed the show. Chance the Rapper won Best New Artist and he seems well-loved by everyone. I don’t get … Continue reading

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Look At My Jews Over Here!

Leonard Cohen has a new record coming out, and at 82, he reveals in a new interview that he is “ready to die.” Meanwhile, Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for literature. You may not care for either artist … Continue reading

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My Favorite Iggy

    I don’t like Iggy Pop, even though I’m aware of his importance to punk music. Doesn’t he sing the Passenger song? Whatever. He needs to put his shirt on but seems committed to showing off his stringy malnourished … Continue reading

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Lou Reed, Good Riddance

My memory of hearing the Velvet Underground for the first time is indelible in every detail. I had just moved to London and I was sixteen and up for anything. I was smoking hash with some guys I’d just met, … Continue reading

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Two Good Things

  Look at this crazy ring! I love the concept of a ring that looks at itself. You can buy it here.   Now look at Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. They are siblings from England whose band includes their mom … Continue reading

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Beatles Party

  My friend Jane threw a great party for her birthday, instructing her guests to dress as characters from a Beatles song. The creative challenge was enough to make me accept theĀ invitationĀ and even more noteworthy, to get up off my … Continue reading

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I Can’t Tell You Why

For the last two nights, we have been watching a new documentary about the Eagles. I have tested my husband’s patience by repeatedly asking “Which one is that?” I still can’t tell them apart. I always thought Don Henley was … Continue reading

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Still Talking Shit

When Max first showed me this tape from Cabaret Night at NYU, back in 1995, I was hooked. I played it for all my friends, and my two-year old son would always ask, “Why is everyone laughing?” It’s the best … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Levon Helm

If you don’t love the Band, you’re not a lover of music. Whatever genres you prefer, there is simply no denying the gorgeous soulful freewheeling and majestic sound of the Band, from Big Pink and the Basement tapes onward. Listening … Continue reading

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Baptize me.

As Whitney Houston keeps dying on TV, I am transfixed by envy, bitterness, and grief. Her narrative has been transformed from the tragic untimely death of a dope addict to an adoring farewell to an angel. And why not? She … Continue reading

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