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Addendum to Heroic Mothers: Less Self-Pity

Okay, some of you have reminded me that I don’t need to be a hero or activist to be okay. That seems fair. I’m lowering the bar for me and for everyone else. For those of us suffering from a … Continue reading

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Five Years In

I’ve read that the first four years are the hardest. And you are most at risk to kill yourself. I’m still here. That can be tough to excuse or justify. I’ve lit my candle. It’s only right to thank the … Continue reading

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Poor Jodi

  I thought I was alone in my sympathy for murderess Jodi Arias, but look, there is a whole website in support of her, unless they are joking, in which case I salute them. Actually, I salute them either way. … Continue reading

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The Wedding: A Parable.

Recently I attended the wedding of one of Max’s oldest friends, who was also a member of his band.   It was a joy to see this wonderful young man celebrating his love for his adoring bride, his obvious soulmate. The … Continue reading

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Art is Art

After coming across this photo last week, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.   It’s a stage in Austria’s Lake Constance, for Kieth Warner’s production of Umberto Giordano‘s opera “Andrea Chénier”, which will open to the public in July. … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Progress Report

In the last six months, I have gone in and out of various states that are not stages, just different emotional terrain. Shock, disbelief, rage, denial, guilt, and unspeakable agony. It isn’t better as time passes. If anything it is … Continue reading

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Ode to Summer

Summer Adeline is a cool girl who I never met until she made me a necklace with a locket for Max’s hair. I only knew her from her website and some blog comments but I had a feeling that she … Continue reading

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Museum of Fat Love

“I’d like to submit our wedding photo for your Museum of Fat Love. We’ve been married almost three years and the fact that we’re fat doesn’t matter. What matters is that we managed to find each other in the vast … Continue reading

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Feel My Love

In recent days, two idiots nice individuals have cited my hatefulness as a moral flaw in my nature (not to mention my blog.)   I will point out yet again that the title of this blog is “Godammit, ‘m Mad! and … Continue reading

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Come Together

My friend and fellow blogger Janet, who goes by the name Iheartfashion, has lost her husband to suicide. It is a terrible time for her and her two kids. No one saw this coming, and now she needs our support. … Continue reading

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