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Rabid Hatefest

I was going to write about something else but a tweet from a journalist I like has destroyed my equilibrium.  Brian Stelter shared a threat he got from a disgruntled Trump supporter: What inspires a person to take the time … Continue reading

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Dear Donald™

If you’re anything like me, your consciousness has been co-opted by Donald Trump, with all the attendant fear, dread and hatred associated with his rise to power. It’s hard to focus on other things.  It’s draining and exhausting. So maybe … Continue reading

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Is Everyone Insane?

Can we just admit that Trump is ruining our lives? Every day, every hour, it’s non-stop Trump. It’s killing me, but I can’t stop looking for new lies to flip out about, new insults to our intelligence, new interviews with … Continue reading

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2014 VMA Awards Exegesis

God, what an ordeal. I’m going directly to Beyonce to say: Why did everyone love this performance??? I really think I have never seen such an obnoxious display of self-importance in my whole life. “Welcome to my World?” Who gives … Continue reading

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Gwyneth, Enough Already!

I know it’s not very interesting to hate Gwyneth, but how can one ignore her this week? It’s like she WILL NOT REST until every single person on earth detests her. Is her work done yet? If not, we’re getting … Continue reading

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Madonna, I’m Begging

I can’t take much more of Madge’s provocations. Obviously the UN is helpless, just like with Syria. Who would think that she’d still be so insistent about bothering us! Has the competition from Lady Gaga driven her out of her … Continue reading

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Hating The Ex

I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with an old friend who is now divorced from the husband who used to boss her around and make her have sex with him three times a week without regard to … Continue reading

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Seething Hatred

Three months ago, I wrote about how hard it is to accept being powerless. Now, I am a malignant mass of seething hatred for my ex-husband. If only I could kill him. It would be an act of mariticide, although … Continue reading

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In My Hour of Darkness

Nothing helps to soothe the pain like a picture of Sea’s big fat face. The vulgar coat, the stupid Louis Vuitton bag, the painful shoes and the gratuitous Gaysian and midget are just icing on the cake. I hate you, … Continue reading

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Facebook: Feel the Hate!

Tonight, I heard my son remark about Facebook: “I find my self wondering, why are you my friend here when I fucking hate you?” So true. I went to look at my Facebook friends and I hate at least 5 … Continue reading

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