Is Everyone Insane?


Can we just admit that Trump is ruining our lives?

Every day, every hour, it’s non-stop Trump. It’s killing me, but I can’t stop looking for new lies to flip out about, new insults to our intelligence, new interviews with his smug hateful mouthpieces, new fuel for my helpless rage at this fucking cunt’s unthinkable success.

I can’t stand his mouth, his hair, his profile, his hand gestures, his vocal timbre, his diction, his lumbering gait, his skin texture, his awful children and his whole Hitler routine.

How can such a repugnant clown be this close to becoming  president?

The other day, a Mexican guy was walking by our street, selling food from a pushcart, and calling our his wares. I turned to my husband and said with all seriousness, “That guy would make a better President than Trump!” He looked friendly and decent and hardworking. LET HIM BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, not Trump!

What is wrong with  the people who like Donald Trump? Forget that cliche about People are mad, People want change, bla bla bla. That doesn’t come close to explaining why they’d want to put an ignorant piece of shit in charge.

What will happen if he debates Hillary? Will he just say “Buh-leeve me, buh-leeve me” or bring up Monica Lewiski, and then claim he won the debate? And then his polls will go up  like they did after he went around saying to black people “What the hell do you have to lose?”

This is so preposterous and yet sinister,  like a virtual reality Twilight Zone episode.

How can we take two more months of this? How are you managing to cope?

trump is a cunt


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15 Responses to Is Everyone Insane?

  1. Tom I. says:

    I can understand the support for Trump. After all, this is the Nation that voted twice for George W. Bush, the “Uniter not a divider” and “not a nation-builder” who people wanted to have a beer with. Unfortunately that beer cost about $3-Trillion, 3000 lives at the WTC and many thousands more in 2 wars. And elected Ronald Reagan, halfway senile actor when elected who later lost all his marbles. And Richard Nixon, who won 49 States in re-election about 6 months before having to resign for criminality known publicly before the election.

    But what I truly don’t understand is the hatred of Hillary Clinton. That I see as the mass hysteria we are witnessing. I like Hillary and see her as the perfect successor to Barack Obama, imminently qualified. But as the polls show, a majority of voters don’t like her, don’t trust her and many of those are voting for Trump just because they don’t like Hillary. Much like you, Sister Wolf, don’t accept the votes for Trump as purely votes for change and a result of income inequality, I don’t see the hatred of Hillary as pure misogny, etc. The haters hate Bill and Hillary. The 90’s were a good time to be alive and Bill was a good President. One can’t blame Hillary for Bill’s picadillos or for standing by her man as many women (and men) do that in the case of infidelities (I’m always amazed at the wives sitting next to and “supporting” their serial killer husbands while the latter stand trial).

    But even putting aside my support of Hillary, looked at objectively, what has this person done wrong? E-mails? Leaving them at State would mean definite hacking.
    Her entire career since College has been devoted to public service. She and Bill were born dirt poor…her mother was a runaway for goodness sake. Bill barely knew his real father (if at all) and was beaten by his drunkard stepfather. So then they made alot of money after leaving the White House. How? Not by robbing banks or defrauding mortgagees. By making speeches and writing books. This is America, folks. If we hate people for making money, we won’t be able to listen to The Beatles anymore, or half of all recorded music, watch sports events or read many popular books or see many films (forget about Harry Potter). And Trump is no pauper and he makes Bill and Hillary and their lifestyles look like paupers.

    So while I agree wholeheartedly and mindfully with you Sister Wolf. It’s the blind hatred for Hillary that I not only don’t understand, but see as evidence of mass hysteria and stupidity.

  2. Mary Liz says:

    According to Gary Bauer, president of American Values: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Flight 93 election. This may be our last shot. It’s time to roll. It’s time to run down the aisle and save Western civilization.” Trump is supposed to save Western civilization. Fat chance. Unfortunately, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst of full of passionate intensity”–how many people do YOU know who are refusing to vote for either candidate? I know a bunch.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Mary Liz – That Flight 93 quote is absolutely chilling. As for refusing to vote for Hillary, at this point it’s a de facto vote for Trump. Terrifying.

    Tom I – But Bush, Reagan and Nixon could at least behave like ‘statesmen’ enough that you could imagine them understanding a bill they had to sign. They weren’t literal buffoons. Hillary hatred, yes, pretty bizarre. I think the right wing conspiracy theories about the Clintons were so widespread that they permeated our general culture. People feel uneasy about Hillary without even knowing why. It’s killing me, Tom.

  4. Lindsay says:

    As someone said yesterday, Sister Wolf, you are on fire. Love your blog.

  5. Tom I. says:

    Killing me too, Sister.

  6. Ali says:

    Let 2016 BE OVER!!!!!!!

    But Trump won’t go away until he dies …. like herpes… and even then, horrible Eric Trump will still be around shooting jaguars.

    Hillary is better than adequate. All of the Hillary scandals are like the yellow, orange, red terror alert system… constantly tripping on red for no reason but to incite one-dimensional hysteria


  7. Kellie says:

    I am both pretending like it isn’t happening, and actively telling people that apathy is going to end in a disaster for everyone. If I hear one more democrat saying they dont care enough to vote, I am going to lose my shit completely.
    It is more important than ever to vote. Because every white male conservative Christian republican, rich, abortion hating, gay basher is going to be SURE to vote. And in droves.
    All I can do is sigh. And vote. And encourage others to do the same.

  8. Tom I. says:

    By the way, while Hillary beats Trump currently in a 2-person race according to current polls, the NY Times says tonight that: “In a four-way race, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are tied at 42 percent each.” Ralph Nader-redux….Trump wins by 5 votes in Florida and his protestors disrupt any recount.

  9. Debbie says:

    Shit, I’m with you! I don’t get it. I can’t stand him. I can’t believe ANYONE would vote for him, they ARE deplorable, as I’m writing this he is on freaking Dr. Oz talking about his health. I am afraid he may win … it scares the shit outta me. I’ll tell you one thing … I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DEBATES. Unless he acts like the complete asshole he is and resorts to nothing but blathering “words” and insults, Hillary will eviscerate him.

  10. Blights says:

    So proud that the photo is from the UK – sums up what all sane people over here think about him.

  11. Bonnie says:

    But he got a clean bill of health right? Even Dr. Oz agrees. So we should totally vote for him ok.

  12. Suspended says:

    Loving the Scottish picture. We don’t mince our words 🙂 Plus, it’s only a Scotsman that’s had the balls to take a pop at Donald’s mortality. I feel bad saying it, but it really is a shame he failed. Is that too much?

    Also loving how much extra blog time we’re getting lately. You’re spoiling us Sister Wolf.

    What happened to Bernie Sanders? I liked him. The man had a heart and a conscience, perhaps this is why he is no longer a candidate?

  13. Calling Trump a cunt is really insulting to cunts everywhere.
    We women deserve better, and so do our cunts.

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