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Aretha, Don’t Go

As far back as I can remember listening to music, Aretha Franklin has been part of my life. She was my first idol. She made me feel like a natural woman at 15. No one ever surpassed her effect on … Continue reading

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“I’m Gonna Kill the President!”

If only! “I’m gonna Kill the President” A Federal Offense is the name of a play that was written and produced by a dear friend of mine in 2004. It won an award from the L.A. Weekly and I wish … Continue reading

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Toska: Miserable Misery for Miserablists

Has everyone heard about toska, a Russian word for a type of misery with no English equivalent? It’s one of those words that make language nerds feel superior, sort of like how “schadenfreude” makes dumb people feel when they hear … Continue reading

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My Lost Novel

A long time ago, in a burst of cocky self-actualization, I started writing a novel. It was so long ago, I wrote in longhand on legal pads. I remember being excited by the opening sentence. I felt it summed up … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead to Hair

I’ve been looking for something that I can’t find and the search led to this wonderful peek into my soul that no one should miss. I’m looking for an unfinished “novel” that I may have thrown away in a fit … Continue reading

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Raising The Dead

This year I’m not going to write about Mother’s Day, but the next best thing, death. I’ve just came across the work of photo-journalist Alain Schroeder in a series called Living for Death, and the story blew my mind. I … Continue reading

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Rachel Dolezal: Not Just Crazy

I watched the new documentary about Rachel Dolezal with a mounting sense of disbelief that turned to anger, pity, sadness and revulsion, cycling through all these emotions several times. What a piece of work is Rachel Dolezal. And yet in … Continue reading

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Juggling Netflix

How many Netflix series can you watch concurrently without losing your mind? Right now, I’m watching a bunch of them, and it’s impossible to keep the story-lines straight. It doesn’t help when an actor from one series pops up in … Continue reading

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Mrs. Caliban and The Shape of Water: The Green Stranger

When I first heard the premise of The Shape of Water, I immediately thought, “Mrs. Caliban!” Sharing this thought with others, I was forced into an explanation that got me nowhere. When I read Mrs. Caliban in 1982, I had … Continue reading

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This Be Some News For Philip Larkin

Everyone I know and everyone you know can quote the first line of This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin, a poem he wrote in 1971. They fuck you up, your mum and dad. That one line has served as … Continue reading

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