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Adult is Not a Verb.

A friend just brought up the subject of using “adult” as a verb, and I figured it’s time to complain about the latest words and usage crimes that are making me flinch. “Parenting” was bad at first but now I … Continue reading

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Minor Improvements For 2017

As passengers on the Titanic, we should brace ourselves for the iceberg, but there is still stuff we can do to take the edge off. Let’s think of the small ways we can make our doomed existence more tolerable in … Continue reading

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I was just recoiling from the word “lady”when used in neologisms like ladyboss or lady-parts, when I came across this horrifying tidbit about the Vagina Monologues: Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologue “Reclaiming Cunt” spells out every letter and encourages the audience … Continue reading

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How Much Less Could You Not Care?

It just occurred to me that too many people online are mentioning Back To The Future. Maybe they’re making a sequel or prequel. I actually love the term origin story, which I just learned this week. I love it because … Continue reading

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Time To Banish Words!

  It might be a little early but let’s make our list of words we don’t want to hear in 2014. Time online is asking readers to vote on a list of 15 annoying words or terms. “Selfie” is a … Continue reading

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Two Little Words

Fiscal cliff. I don’t want to hear these words one more time.  I used to think that “fiscal cliff” sounded like a painful and depraved sex act, but the amusement factor is long gone. Stop saying it! Whoever started it … Continue reading

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Banned Words 2012

Lake Superior State Univeristy has published its list of Banned Words for 2012, created by popular vote.   Have a look. Pretty weak, isn’t it? I don’t even know what Trickeraton or Man Cave means (and please don’t tell me.)   Let’s … Continue reading

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Underwear and Word Usage

I just got this Hanky Panky Retro Thong in two colors, and I can’t overstate their perfection. They are the Holy Grail of underpants. Let me just quote Hanky Panky’s website: A high-waisted panty with figure-flattering coverage everywhere you need … Continue reading

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Vintage Douche

Lately, I keep reading about “What Goes Around Comes Around,” a vintage clothing shop in New York where hipsters get their old jeans and military jackets. The first time I heard about this place was a piece in Time Out … Continue reading

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Achingly Cool

Today, I came across the term “achingly cool” three times. The first time, it was applied to these striped shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before, but like “effortlessly chic” I think it’s a description that label’s the … Continue reading

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