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If you’re not watching Wentworth on Netflix, you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. (If you voted for Trump, the second biggest mistake.) Wentworth has it all. I thought it ended after the third season, so I’ve been binging … Continue reading

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Awful Must-See TV

I am happy to report that since the last time I wrote about my TV habits, I’ve discovered three new shows to watch, all awful. Most compellingly awful is Billions. It is excruciating. It stars Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Lock-Up Extended Stay

I watched Lock-Up Extended Stay the other night for the first time in years, having dismissed it as too voyeuristic and depressing. Now, it seems to be full of existential wisdom. You can view the prison as a metaphor for … Continue reading

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The Good Kind Of Mansplaining

You know how when you’re watching TV and you can’t quite recognize that actor who looks familiar, or you don’t understand what just happened, or a character mumbles something and you didn’t catch it? So you ask you husband, “Who’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Night TV

Tonight we watched what my husband and I call ‘Our Sunday Shows.’ We’re like decrepit retiree’s, with nothing more exciting to do at night than watch TV. I can’t remember what young people do at night. Anyway, Sunday night is … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down

We are packing our shit and preparing to leave our house, the house where nobody likes to throw anything away. I like the idea of a fresh start, in terms of starting over in a clean empty house and pretending … Continue reading

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Robin Wright: No.

I have been gorging on Season 2 of House of Cards and Robin Wright is killing me. I can’t take it. Why is she so fucking manly? It’s hard to watch this series without complaining about the manliness. Even at … Continue reading

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2013 Grammy Awards Exegesis

What a boring and lamentable gathering of untalented performers! Katy Perry‘s boobs were a magnificent distraction. The show’s most exciting moments were the arguments between me and my husband over Taylor Swift. He continues to defend her, which is obviously … Continue reading

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I’ve finally caught up with Homeland, after skipping the first season in a private protest against Claire Danes as a CIA agent. Now I’m cool with Claire, but Brody’s wife is a major irritant. Whenever the wife is onscreen, I find … Continue reading

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Paging Freud and Jung!

I dreamed there was a dead Me, laying beside me in bed. I was very distressed but I tried to take care of her, plumping her pillow or something. She was very pretty and young, sort of a goth Ophelia. … Continue reading

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