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Butt Masks: Please Kill Me Already

When I saw an ad on Sephora online for a “Booty Mask“, I was excited by discovering a  new avenue of ridicule. Haha, I thought, how absurd, a beauty mask JUST FOR YOUR BUTT! I’m still amazed by the aisles … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2019 Exegesis

This year, I’m asking you to go here to read the all-important Academy Awards Exegesis™, and then come back to leave comments, if you have any. I know it’s a couple of extra clicks and I apologize. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Banned Words and People for 2019

What a horrible year, right? Why can’t Trump just die so we can let the refugees have a nice soft bed and a hot meal? Meanwhile, we’re not totally helpless. We can complain about words and word usage. We can … Continue reading

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Glamping: The Stupidest Thing Ever™

To launch this new category, The Stupidest Thing Ever™, I’m going with “glamping“, a concept that comes with its own stupid word. “Glamping” is a portmanteau of glamorous and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in … Continue reading

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Just Fuck You, MacDonald’s

? This commercial drives me crazy. What the fuck are they thinking????? I googled it and found that plenty of other people hate it too. They find it racist, which it is. Overtly. But the whole scenario is so stupid … Continue reading

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What, There’s Another Hadid Sister??

Godammit, why am I the last to know EVERYTHING? Did you guys know there’s another Hadid sister besides Gigi and Bella? This is too much. Or rather, too many. Three too many, actually. Until recently, I knew next to nothing … Continue reading

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Guess How Much For These Jeans!

Obviously they are very special. You want to feel special? Be prepared to pay for it. Especially when it comes to denim. There are fifty thousand brands of denim to choose from, and the “cult” brands are changing every minute. … Continue reading

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Hookers, Sluts, Sex-Workers, Feminists or First Ladies?

Okay, this is a complicated story and I’m pretty stoned. But stick with me. There’s a model/actress named Emily Something who is mostly known for her large breasts. I almost wrote “big tits” but stopped myself. Anyway, she was at … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t The Vetements Joke Over Yet?

First of all, Vetements is pronounced vet-MAHN. Look at a mirror while saying it. Do you feel embarrassed, or at least tainted? Good. If you don’t know about Vetements, you are free to go. Run along, and keep your innocence. … Continue reading

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Minor Improvements For 2017

As passengers on the Titanic, we should brace ourselves for the iceberg, but there is still stuff we can do to take the edge off. Let’s think of the small ways we can make our doomed existence more tolerable in … Continue reading

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