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What, There’s Another Hadid Sister??

Godammit, why am I the last to know EVERYTHING? Did you guys know there’s another Hadid sister besides Gigi and Bella? This is too much. Or rather, too many. Three too many, actually. Until recently, I knew next to nothing … Continue reading

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Suck it Up, White Women!

Regarding the recent take-down of white women called “The 5 Types of Becky,” I’d like to register my indignation, EVEN THOUGH white women are not allowed to join any conversation about white privilege. Our white voices are not welcome because, … Continue reading

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Minor Improvements For 2017

As passengers on the Titanic, we should brace ourselves for the iceberg, but there is still stuff we can do to take the edge off. Let’s think of the small ways we can make our doomed existence more tolerable in … Continue reading

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How Much Less Could You Not Care?

It just occurred to me that too many people online are mentioning Back To The Future. Maybe they’re making a sequel or prequel. I actually love the term origin story, which I just learned this week. I love it because … Continue reading

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The Ass Age

We have entered The Ass Age, and The Apocalypse is sure to follow. I would like it to hurry up. I’m not certain about the beginning of The Ass Age. Jennifer Lopez was the precursor many years ago but no … Continue reading

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Can Someone Explain Twitter?

I signed up at Twitter, initially, to follow Mrs. Palin and Amanda Palmer.   I couldn’t handle the former but the latter rewarded me with a free concert last night. Then, I started tweeting just to annoy people. When that didn’t … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Quiz

For the last few days, I’ve had the feeling that there’s nothing interesting on the Internet. Anywhere. For me, as an addict, this is pretty scary. How much fashion, YouTube, politics or gossip can anyone stand? How many weird medical … Continue reading

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