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What’s Wrong With Me, Volume 500

All my life, I’ve wondered what the fuck is wrong with me. I’m curious and reflective by nature, and relentless about trying to figure shit out. I find it amazing that other people aren’t consumed by questions about their own … Continue reading

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Dear Donald™

If you’re anything like me, your consciousness has been co-opted by Donald Trump, with all the attendant fear, dread and hatred associated with his rise to power. It’s hard to focus on other things.  It’s draining and exhausting. So maybe … Continue reading

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A Fetish We Can All Enjoy

Last night I discovered that I might be an unwitting member of the online Burqa Fetish Community. I had never been aware of this fetish, which seeks and celebrates “complete coverage.” I only knew that I like pictures of people … Continue reading

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Recycling Hostility

In just one day, I have received threats of physical violence and an actual curse, both transmitted over the Internet. Now, I am fully aware of having myself generated enough hostility online to light up several baseball stadiums if not … Continue reading

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Apologies To Leslie Jones, Even Though I’m White

I want to apologize to Leslie Jones for the awfulness of people on the Internet. When she was abused on Twitter by a bunch of brain-damaged racist trolls led by some cunt from Breitbart, I was truly aghast at the … Continue reading

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Happy Now, Seth Rogan?

Now that Sony has cancelled the release of The Interview, I wonder if there’s anyone on the Sony lot going ‘I told you so!’ When we look back on this debacle, I hope people will view the movie as an … Continue reading

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Remembering Jane Aldridge

Those were the days, right? I haven’t thought about her until recently, when someone wrote to me, urging me to catch up on her antics. I was too lazy to bother. But on July 11, I tweeted this: Less than … Continue reading

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Dana Loesch: What a Fucking Cunt!™

Watching right-wing psychopath Dana Loesch shouting down Van Jones and Piers Morgan on the issue of gun control tonight, I nearly had a stroke. My husband finally snapped, “If you can’t stand it, turn it off.” It was probably good … Continue reading

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Poor Jodi

  I thought I was alone in my sympathy for murderess Jodi Arias, but look, there is a whole website in support of her, unless they are joking, in which case I salute them. Actually, I salute them either way. … Continue reading

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Lost Earring

Last night I realized that one of my favorite earrings is missing. It so happens that I only wear one of the earrings at a time, because Keith Richards is still my fashion muse. It’s a long safety pin earring … Continue reading

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