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What’s Wrong With Me, Volume 500

All my life, I’ve wondered what the fuck is wrong with me. I’m curious and reflective by nature, and relentless about trying to figure shit out. I find it amazing that other people aren’t consumed by questions about their own … Continue reading

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Was Blind But Now I See

After decades of glasses and contact lenses, I got the news that I had cataracts. Naturally I was horrified, imagining life as a blind old lady, stumbling around and crying out in a weak little bird squawk. Instead, I learned … Continue reading

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A Terrible Story: Weigh In

Kelli Stapleton is in jail without bond, for the attempted murder of her daughter Issy. Kelli has documented her challenges as Issy’s mom in a blog called ‘The Status Woe.’ Issy is a lovely blonde 14 year old who is … Continue reading

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Special Olympics Fuss

Oh god, President Obama made a joke comparing his bowling ineptitude to the Special Olympics. Big deal! Now we have to hear everyone talking shit about it, not only people like Mrs. Palin but normal people, too! This sanctimonious PC … Continue reading

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Ben Stiller and More Merde

Has everyone already heard about the giant inflatable turd by “artist” Paul McCarthy that was blown away from its moorings at a Swiss museum and knocked down a power line before breaking some windows at a children’s home? The turd, … Continue reading

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Britain’s Missing Top Model

In this new reality show, eight women with “differing disabilities” will compete before a panel of judges to prove they have what it takes to be a mainstream model. Huh? Is there something wrong with me or is there something … Continue reading

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