Special Olympics Fuss

Oh god, President Obama made a joke comparing his bowling ineptitude to the Special Olympics. Big deal! Now we have to hear everyone talking shit about it, not only people like Mrs. Palin but normal people, too!

This sanctimonious PC shit has gone too far. Disabled, challenged, whatever, but we need to be allowed to have a sense of humor! Mr. Obama was mocking himself, as his tone clearly indicated. People who compete in the Special Olympics can watch the interview and decide whether to feel insulted. Everyone else should just shut up.

There are so many things to get mad about, why must people always focus on the wrong things? Every time I’m near a TV, I hear someone yelling about AIG and executive bonuses. It’s caused an uproar unlike anything I’ve seen in years.

Big fucking deal about the bonuses, what about the fact that we’ve destroyed Iraq and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people FOR NO REASON?! Where was all this righteous anger during the last seven years?!

Here’s something you can get mad about instead. According to the Associated Press, this man is accused of having sex with a dog and a horse.

I don’t like his expression, and I don’t like his do-it-yourself haircut. But I suspect this story is a hoax and here’s why: ” A 13-year-old girl said she saw Coppes with her Anatolian shepherd. Coppes is also charged with abusing the girl’s small Palomino horse.” The words Anatolian and Palomino are the tip-off, right? If it is a hoax, you heard it here first!

And going back to Mrs Palin, as one does, let us ponder this: Alaska is only now considering whether to make bestiality a crime. Good call, Alaska! While you’re at it, remember that aerial hunting isn’t nice either.

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19 Responses to Special Olympics Fuss

  1. JK says:

    What I don’t understand is that Arkansas law requires “two humans.” Mind, I’m from the hill country and this happened in the Delta so because I’m certifiably a “Hillbilly” which in our jurisdictional districts would not have raised an eyebrow regardless – was not the witness human?

    After all both victims were her personal pets. And the article doesn’t mention “consent.”

    I know if I witnessed someone uh, assaulting my milk-cow as described, I’d be pretty miffed, and so would the authorities. Especially since they have enjoyed milkshakes in my humble abode. Of course I only partake of alcohol.

    But I’m kinda wondering about (innocently of course) your concern about the haircut. As California goes – so goes the Nation. We’ve all of course heard of the “Sixty-Niners” but what is it of the “Forty-Niners?”

    I’m not taking up for the guy, of course, he’s obviously four-eyed.

  2. Bex says:

    Did he have sex with the dog AND horse at the same time???

  3. WendyB says:

    I am fucking outraged by that haircut! That haircut of fuckery! Time to write an angry letter to the editor of the New York Times.

  4. JK says:

    As I understand it, keep in mind I live far, far away, this was not a three”something.”

    And I do have to admit to some cloudiness where AIG’s $165 million bonus package is concerned. I didn’t notice any such outrage when Merrill Lynch paid out $2.6 BILLION in bonuses in December.

    And fuck really, what does a small remark on Leno about being challenged mean anyhow? Are the people in the Special Olympics really challenged anyway?

    Only if they lived in Arkansas would they qualify as “specially challenged.” Just ask either me or Bill Clinton. Bill raises Anatolians too I’ve heard.

  5. Is that ‘Leave Britney ALONE you assholes’ guy going to come out with a Leave Hillary Swank ALONE you assholes’ video? Coppes is just Hillary doing her old research. Definite set up. They’re telegraphing the hoax here. The headlines will read ‘Coppes off with farmyard animals routine’ or some such.

    And as for Obama. I told you all to vote for the Alaskan lady. You’re all going to hell in a hummer over there.

  6. OMGGMAB says:

    All I can say is that the Pres acted like a decent human being and immediately apologized for the faux pas! And that is all that should be expected.

    To all those f-ers who use the word “retarded” to describe everything from how someone looks to how things malfunction, DON’T let me hear you bash our Pres and then call someone retarded in the same conversation. It will result in a lecture you never wanted to hear especially from someone who is not your mother.

    And while I’m at it, knock off the “That is so gay” comments too. My gay friends don’t bash others by saying that “That’s so straight.” Why? Because it’s STUPID!

    As for Sarah Palin, well that chick has never uttered a complete sentence that makes any sense. So any comments she has on others’ speech are ludicrous.

    The haircut is part of the new “bogus” fashion trend. Pretty sleek!

  7. Film Upstart says:

    I admit I laughed at what the President said. I knew what he meant but he did good by apologising – so sorry I laughed!

  8. Daniel says:

    Why the world hates america…..http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_33132.aspx
    Now please read the second headline http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_33111.aspx.
    …Lol, and the big news is Obama funnin’ about a few ‘tards?…looks like y’all best learn ta keep yer dawgs in line(insert Deliverance theme here).

  9. Deni says:

    Is it me or does Coppes looks like he could be related to Palin, or could they be one and the same?

  10. Ann says:

    What the hell does Mrs. P care about the Special Olympics? She vetoed funding for them! Let’s get mad about people being hypocrites, instead!

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    JK -And what, after all, is a ‘human?’

    Bex -How dare you even wonder! Pervert!

    WEndyB- I’m writing to my congresswoman!

    Nick – Aha! I need to study this before I confirm that it’s Mr. Swank.

    Deni – Well, apparently it’s Hilary Swank….

    OMGGMAB -Damn right.

    Film Upstart – I laughed, too.

    Daniel – Exactly.

    Ann – But she thinks that Special People are “our most precious citizens!”

  12. Daniel says:

    Ann- Ms. P’s kids were in the special olympics

  13. Deni says:

    I couldn’t find anything on snopes re/Coppes or Swank? So I still think it’s Palin in drag . . . or is that redundant?

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Daniel – But the baby is the only kid with special needs, and he’s too young to compete!

    Deni – What about The Smoking Gun?

  15. diane says:

    It’s all part of the game of “mass distraction”. It worked, too, didn’t it?.

    Loved the voodoo comment. Well, not really, to be completely honest, but I felt compelled to tell you that. Hey, wait a minute…how did I get here?

  16. Stumbling along, relying on my cane for stabiliy, my upper spine bent over, I’m not going to pass for normal. I call myself a cripple, or a wheelchair monkey, depending on the situation. Eupemistic language won’t fool anyone.

  17. dewayne says:

    “you’re just a bunch of yo-yo’s….look at you, you yo-yo’s.”

    not sure if i ever quoted master shake on your site before, so there you go. you’d be amazed at how much i quote strange cartoons in normal conversation with people who have never seen them.

  18. Deni says:

    Nothing discharged from the Smoking Gun. Can’t we just agree that Palin can’t get out of the spot light and will do anything, I mean anything for media attention regardless of what Hilary or Coppes or Levi or Twig and Dash and Dot do?

    Now I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, I just hope it isn’t some 13-year-old’s Palomino that was previously abused or rumored to be.

  19. Mark says:

    More disturbing than his haircut is the way he’s holding the sign.

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