My Fat Ass!

I was very pleased to hear that poor Megan McCain told that bitch Laura Ingraham to kiss her fat ass! I thought about it as I trudged through a shitload of ‘Obey’ products on Karmaloop while checking our the new products. “Obey my fat ass!” I said aloud to my computer. Voila, a t-shirt is born.

Speaking of my fat ass, I received the boyfriend jeans that I won courtesy of fashion herald! The irony of this prize cannot be overstated. I am thrilled. They are really loose and saggy. They won’t stay up without a belt.

So what should I wear rock with the boyfriend jeans? I know I’m supposed to rock some fierce shoes, and I will if I have to. But what are my other options? What kind of top or jacket would you like to see me rock with them?   Help a Sister out with this. I will attempt to model the best suggestions (contingent on my existing wardrobe of course.)

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17 Responses to My Fat Ass!

  1. WendyB says:

    Well, I love a sharp — almost business-y — type of jacket with my boyfriend jeans, though since I’m usually casual, there are a lot of little black t-shirts as well.
    My ass has gotten fatter since getting those jeans for sure. They’re so roomy!

  2. Jools says:

    Can’t wait to see how you like them! I have that pair. I took mine straight to the tailor and had the holes sewn shut. But then maybe you’ll like the holes….(I’ve since regretted my rashness.) Check out La Garconne. They have them and you can see how they style their models (with whom you share the same lanky frame). T-shirts and a shoe with a heel. A gladiator sandal, perhaps?

  3. Bex says:

    I’ve always thought that boyfriend jeans look good with a simple black tank…and lots of bracelets!

    Fat assed women unite!

  4. Ann says:

    I’m with Bex. Overaccesorize with bracelets and necklaces to the point of nausea!

  5. Daniel says:

    Canadians think that Mccain chick is hot…so is her mom if you’re in the mood to “coug it” some…

  6. I wanted those jeans! I think a great shoe is required and something snug on top. I’m sure you’ll look fantastic in them, Sister!

  7. Deni says:

    God, I’m still wearing the “divorced jean.” It has no pockets since there’s nothing to put into the pockets. They wear like 70s flood pants, with a high waist since there’s no reason to show off the muffin top, and the denim is approximately 170lb weight (hard to bend at the bendable parts). There’s that fringe on the bottom, left over from the early 70s. And definitely no hip holes or tears anywhere on the jeans (not as in holes near the hip area of the body; does the body have another hip area other than the hips?) ;however, there are faded marks on the butt and crease lines going down the pant leg just like in trousers. The only thing that would go with this look is being unemployed in the next few months.
    As for your boyfriend jeans, I agree with those above me (since you can tell I have no fashion sense, erm . . . maybe even no common sense). Black t-shirt, no necklace, but lots of bangles and and pretty sandals. And wear your hair all akimbo, sort of like antlers? (I know hair doesn’t have elbows but why does my macaroni?)
    Lots of love Sister Wolf! : )

  8. hammie says:

    I wear my boyish jeans with white Dunlop volleys with a pink trim. I wear a pink Bonds t-shirt and my Abercrombie fleece. In summer I will wear them with my gold wedges and a pink tank.

    Boyish clothes need girly accessories. But I am thinking I am a lot more pink than you Sis. So sleeveless black tank or t-with sleeves rolled would be good for you.

  9. whew, I’m so relieved, all along I wondered if chickdowntown was for real? would they really send Sister Wolf the jeans? Please rock them w/little tank, maybe a wife beater will go w/ the boyf jeans?? and you could do the Katie Holmes flat look for full effect.
    I’m so looking forward to pictures.

  10. annemarie says:

    If boyfriend jeans must be worn, then they must be sexed up with something minimalist and sophisticated. Simple tank/wife beater in black or white, tailored blazer, and some foot-exposing sandals or thongs. Pedicured feet are mandatory.

  11. Film Upstart says:

    Converse sneakers, black or white vest top – plus hairy armpits aka Patti Smith – oh and a black tie aka the same!

  12. cybill says:

    I have a pair of boyfriend jeans so roomy and comfy that they totally imply that my ‘boyfriend’ must be a very old man – I just need a set of braces to complete the look!
    I think they look good with a white tank-top and wedgey flip flops.

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    WendyB- I like the jacket idea. And I will trade my ass for yours.

    Jools -Thanks, I went to La Garconne to check it out!

    Bex- Fat Asses Forever! IS there a tattoo for this??

    Ann – Okay! I’ll aim for nausea!

    Daniel – No on the coug idea….but thanks.

    Iheartfashion – Once you see me in them, I know you’ll lose your desire.

    Hammie -Aww. Do you have pink Uggs as well??

    fashion herald – Their word is their bond! I might try a Katie Holmes look just to creep you out!

    annemarie – As if!

    film upstart – Oooh, I have converse AND armpits.

    cybill- My boyfriends are also Old Fat ones. A white tank sounds good.

    Deni – Hahahahaha!

  14. JK says:


    Not ALL her old ones are Fat Ones. Maybe the new ones are Old ones. But ones never no’s.

    White tank top sounds like the right thing to do.


    Ever tried “E-Hominy?”

    I’m listed.

    Sorry Sister.

  15. Deni says:

    JK, I thought you were joking, but no, you have a blog “E-Hominy.” Very cool site. If I find myself homeless I’m moving into Sister Wolf’s garage or her computer room. She wouldn’t leave a sista out in the rain I’m sure. Erm, right Sista Wolf?

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