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A Fucking Game-Changer!

These jeans are so spectacularly awful and egregious that I consider them a true game-changer. They raise the awfulness-bar to a level I don’t expect to see exceeded in my lifetime. They are beyond idiotic, beyond revolting, and just stupefying … Continue reading

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Curated Jeans

These jeans by Cosmic Wonder are made of “used unprocessed” selvedge denim, with embroidered patchwork detail at the hem. (Notice how nicely the hem hangs in the photo below.) Complete this sentence: These jeans are worth $805 because ______________.

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Another Homerun from Al Wang

These Al Wang slit-knee jeans are worth $345 because __________________. at Shopbop ~ *this post is for David Duff, who models his new sarong here.

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This is Just Bullshit

Alex Wang expects you to pay $395 for a pair of jeans with a swipe of paint down the sides. “These dirty-wash straight-leg jeans feature foil accents at the sides. 5-pocket styling and single-button closure. Mild distressing and worn edges.” … Continue reading

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Levi’s For the Advanced Curator

“Levi’s red 1st giant fit jean from the first Levi’s red collection in blue denim. This jean is the oversized fit of the 3 different fits from this collection. The features of this jean are the cinch back, the low … Continue reading

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Look Like a Horsey at Two Price Points

If someone wearing these jeans came galloping toward me, I’d have a stroke. Don’t they remind you of a satyr from Greek mythology? Or are they just hideous?       (Cheap Monday, $87 at Shopbop) Less Dionysian but grotesque in its own … Continue reading

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What the Hell?

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, until you find out it’s a one-piece “romper.” Isn’t that just inexplicably horrible?! I’m not sure why it’s so horrible, but the first thing that comes to mind for some reason is the problem … Continue reading

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Levi’s + Gaultier = Bingo!

I’ve never stopped loving Levi’s, same as disneyrollergirl and my friend Mark (who has curated 60 pairs.) Levi’s has always been around, making high quality jeans that almost anyone can afford.   Once in a while they collaborate with big names … Continue reading

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Double Denim: Duh

I love the shopping site Farfetch as much as the next man, but I was not happy with today’s feature, a lesson on How to Wear Double Denim. First of all, I don’t want the term “double denim.” Take it … Continue reading

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Sea of Jeans

R13 is a line of denim produced in Italy that triggered my irrational yearning last year with an ad campaign featuring a tomboy endowed with an endearing Fuck You attitude. See how pissed off she is?! Her Angry Runaway Look … Continue reading

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