What the Hell?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing, until you find out it’s a one-piece “romper.”

Isn’t that just inexplicably horrible?!

I’m not sure why it’s so horrible, but the first thing that comes to mind for some reason is the problem of getting undressed with a lover.   The shock, the confusion….IT’S ONE PIECE! Eooowwwww.

And you can’t even pull up the saggy jeans with a belt. It just creeps me out.

If you’re creeped out too, can you explain why?

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73 Responses to What the Hell?

  1. kellie says:

    no waist. baggy.
    Not flattering on anyone-not even the emaciated “model”

  2. chomy says:

    (blankstare) hey watch it get ‘SOLD OUT’ soon. it is only 158.00 dollars after all. wait till one of the ‘reputable’ members of the ‘Fashion Followsheep’ gets her hand on one…and their minions “DIE’ and ‘GENIUS’ all over it. it will be EPIC !!

    you know what? i actually went to the UO website to see if anyone had reviewed it yet, you know just for kicks, but alas the count is still zero…must say i am rather CRUSHED.

  3. Elaine says:

    What the HELL is this?
    What comes to my mind are those orange prison jumpsuits but now they’re fashion forward

  4. alejandra says:

    well this is like baby clothes for women… too uncomfortable to think about.

  5. len says:

    im especially creeped out that they cost 185 bux

  6. LF says:

    i was creeped out because it immediately made me think of Stringbean.

  7. TheShoeGirl says:

    Cricket- I was looking for a link to a picture of the saggy jeans w/attached boxer when I found something even better!!


  8. Sister Wolf says:


  9. Sister Wolf says:

    damaia – Good point, very cogent, A++++++++!

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    I’m laughing so hard at these comments, my stomach hurts.

  11. Andra says:

    That’s good. We want your stomach to hurt.
    Well, we want you to keep laughing.
    Maybe it’s a different (ie better) hurt.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    ShoeGirl, all I ever wanted is to wear jeans AND have my ass hanging out at the same time – and here they are! How “insanely stylish” it would be to wear them with a classy goat-hoof shoes by Al Wang! I’m dying, I’m dying!

  13. Marky says:

    Those thong jeans are AMAZING! Thank you, ShoeGirl!

  14. April says:



    seriously, are people that lazy that they can’t just, like, buy a shirt and buy a pair of jeans and wear them at the same time? they have to be sewn together?

  15. sonja says:

    it’s not true, is it?? that’s not really a ‘romper’… that’s just … that’s just… words escape me!

  16. Juli says:

    haha thong jeans! I wish I could see those in real life.

  17. Srenna says:

    I think I’d rather wear a fat suit.

  18. carmencatalina says:

    The only question that comes to mind is . . .


    It just serves no purpose, achieves nothing, isn’t useful or beautiful or quirky or interesting. It is just befuddling.

  19. Aja says:

    I just re-read Sketch42’s comment and laughed aloud. There is nothing worse than having to get naked to go to the bathroom. I had this thought today at ballet when I had to take everything off, just to take a wee. It is so wrong and weird.

  20. Kathleen says:

    Not creeped out, just saying “No, no no…”

  21. why would you want to have to take off your shirt to take a piss? Why?

  22. StephG says:

    ah! thank you for making me sob with laughter! what a perfectly hilarious abomination.

  23. Have a great day! Thanks for sharing. :0

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