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Behold The Patchwork Drop-Rise Lounge Pants: $1,500

I am double-posting this from Hideous Denim as a courtesy to you lazy oafs who might otherwise miss it. You need to keep up with advances in the denim community. You don’t want to be left behind. So, these denim … Continue reading

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It’s Too Big, So Stop It.

  Big can be good but too big is TOO BIG and that’s where we are now. Look at this stupid safety-pin earring by Balenciaga. I’m going to guess it’s being marketed as a Statement piece. It’s only going to … Continue reading

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Exciting News About Hideous Denim!

Yay for me! I have started a new blog devoted solely to hideous denim, so as to spare sensitive viewers (and impressionable children) from being subjected to this topic. It you’re wearing your big boy pants, go check it out. … Continue reading

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Met Gala 2015 Exegesis

Let’s start with my favorite look just to get it out of the way: Rihanna. She is a fucking goddess. Rihanna is proving to be the best source of daring, original fashion that the pop world has ever seen. She … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Is A Virus

My name is Sister Wolf, and I’m addicted to Kim Kardashian. I write about her at my ‘day job’ but when I’m off-duty, I find I can’t quit her. When I’m out walking with my husband, a dazzling view of … Continue reading

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When I was curating Douches for both money and personal pleasure, people would ask me if there was a girl counterpart: a Douchette. It has taken me this long to come across a perfect representation of a Douchette. Leave it … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2015 Exegesis

God, what a fucking bore! I’m surprised I could even stay awake, but here are the main points as I recall them. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler were funny and adorable; we expect no less from them at this point. … Continue reading

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The Steinbeck Overalls

“Overalls are back this season.” (I’m just quoting net-a-porter, personally I hate them except on toddlers.) The Steinbeck overalls in chambray, by A.P.C., are ‘a breathable cotton and linen blend.’  $365 I know this is exactly what Steinbeck had in … Continue reading

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Met Gala 2014 Exegesis

Why doesn’t anyone tell Donatella that she looks like a Muppet? Is she too important? Or is it just too painful to deal with? I know I’d want someone to tell me.  If I went around looking like a Muppet, … Continue reading

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A Tough Choice

The skirt above, by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks is priced at $30.00 The skirt below, by Balmain, sells for $2,280.00 It’s worth spending $2,250 more for the Balmain because _________________________________.  

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