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Grammys 2017 Exegesis

The real story is Adele vs Beyonce but first let’s get the other stuff out of the way for those who missed the show. Chance the Rapper won Best New Artist and he seems well-loved by everyone. I don’t get … Continue reading

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MTV Awards 2016 Exegesis

It was a night of big thighs and vigorous twerking, with white “artists” scoring a perfect zero. Kanye provided the obligatory dis to Taylor Swift in a short but obnoxious tribute to himself. Taylor is a bad sport, so in … Continue reading

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Met Gala 2015 Exegesis

Let’s start with my favorite look just to get it out of the way: Rihanna. She is a fucking goddess. Rihanna is proving to be the best source of daring, original fashion that the pop world has ever seen. She … Continue reading

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2014 VMA Awards Exegesis

God, what an ordeal. I’m going directly to Beyonce to say: Why did everyone love this performance??? I really think I have never seen such an obnoxious display of self-importance in my whole life. “Welcome to my World?” Who gives … Continue reading

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Beyonce Studies

Kevin Allred, a professor in the women’s and gender studies department at Rutgers University, is stirring up controversy with his signature course: Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyonce. In a recent interview with NPR, he discusses the genesis of the course. “I … Continue reading

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Thank You, Beyonce.

Oh, look: Beyonce visits the Anne Frank house. A good time for an instagram. But she handles herself so much better than Justin Bieber, so that’s a relief. Let me just quote my favorite line from “True Detective“: L’chaim, fatass.

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Beyonce and The Scream

Th other day, my nephew R was visiting and I asked him if he’d seen or heard about Beyonce‘s wacky Met Gala dress. Since R is one of the most culturally literate people I’ve ever met, it was a reasonable … Continue reading

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