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Trump And Bannon: Killing Me Softly

I don’t know about you but this shit is killing me. Just since the inauguration, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome and eczema. I’m grinding my teeth and I’m glued to Twitter. Each new egregious development sends me into a … Continue reading

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Look At My Jews Over Here!

Leonard Cohen has a new record coming out, and at 82, he reveals in a new interview that he is “ready to die.” Meanwhile, Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for literature. You may not care for either artist … Continue reading

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And For Our Jewish Friends…

In my 20s, a hundred years ago, I remember enjoying newspaper ads for grocery stores that said “And For Our Jewish Friends,” with photos of Hanukkah or Passover food. I enjoyed what I felt was the discreet racism of “Our … Continue reading

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My favorite aspect of the Borat character is his antisemitism. Naturally, my appreciation of this relies on the knowledge that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish. And the more Jewish I feel, the more I feel at liberty to mock Jewishness. … Continue reading

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Thank You, Beyonce.

Oh, look: Beyonce visits the Anne Frank house. A good time for an instagram. But she handles herself so much better than Justin Bieber, so that’s a relief. Let me just quote my favorite line from “True Detective“: L’chaim, fatass.

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Behold the Sequin Pants

Ha. And behold the young Wolf, 18 years old.   We are dressed for a Passover dinner with our in-laws.   My pants represent the gold idols that the Jews were not allowed to worship. Not really. Feel free, if you dare, … Continue reading

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Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews!

No one is antisemitic if you ask them. Not at all! Certainly not John Galliano, even though you can hear him admiring Hitler in this video. Not Charlie Sheen and not Mel Gibson. These guys were just drunk or stoned … Continue reading

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David Thomson: What a Fucking Cunt™!

In his New Biographical Dictionary of Film, British critic David Thomson says of actress Rachel Weisz: “Yes, she’s Jewish and unwilling to do anything to mask it – including putting a damper on her vigorous intellect.” Hahahaha! What a fucking … Continue reading

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“Fashion Jews”

What the hell are “Fashion Jews?”   Amy Odell is losing it over at The Cut. The Cut is a HUGE blog. How can this headline still be up after it appeared this morning?! What next, Fashion Blacks? Or is it … Continue reading

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Keep on Talking, You Stupid Bitch!

Nothing relieves the tension and agony of this election like a good laugh, and you can get your fill by watching these excerpts of an interview Mrs. P gave to some Christian Broadcasting guy. She probably thinks that only her … Continue reading

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