Look At My Jews Over Here!

look at my jews over here!

Leonard Cohen has a new record coming out, and at 82, he reveals in a new interview that he is “ready to die.” Meanwhile, Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for literature.

You may not care for either artist but that just means you have no taste or you’re a millennial or something.

I realize today how much both of them mean to me, how much I was influenced and inspired by them, that they are key figures in the soundtrack of my life.

Bod Dylan’s performance of Hallelujah, from 1988, isn’t the best cover of the song, but it’s stirring nonetheless, and it’s cool to hear.

What a great couple of old Jews!

L’chaim, motherfuckers!

(c) Leonard Cohen by Graeme Mitchell



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2 Responses to Look At My Jews Over Here!

  1. Miranda Mitsouko says:

    I love both of them. But, Leonard’s latest “You Want It Darker” is astonishing…mesmerizing. Of the two, Leonard is, for me, the Truth.

  2. Dana says:

    LOOKit ma JEWS ova HEAH!!!

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