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Having a Wank

Since I’m borrowing my title from Derek and Clive, I listened to this sketch for the 50 millionth time and still laughed. If you haven’t listened to this, don’t even talk to me EVER. All I intended to do was … Continue reading

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Dynamic, Passionate, and Unique, Tho

Words continues to thrill and annoy me on a daily basis and I know you feel the same. Right now, I am creeped out anew by the word “tho,” as used on Instagram. It is not only gratuitous (” Those … Continue reading

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It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Most people know at this point in social etiquette not to bark, “Cheer up!” at people who aren’t showing their back molars in a smile. Thank god that’s pretty much a thing of the past. I remember strangers informing me, … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Emotional Granularity?

Granular is a word that’s starting to make me wince, maybe because of the people who use it or maybe because it’s so onomatopoeic.  I can almost feel it in my shoe, like sand. Nevertheless, I just came across a … Continue reading

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5 Things You Don’t Need to Know

1. Demi Moore isn’t blaming Ashton Kutcher for the threesomes they had during their marriage but it was his idea, not that she’s blaming him. 2. Brad Pitt has realized that it’s not the roles that matter. What he really … Continue reading

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I’m Talking to You.

Dear stupid cunt from Texas, Will you get a fucking grip on yourself and stop harassing me after almost ten fucking years? What will it take to shut you up? Why don’t you have anything better to do? Do you … Continue reading

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You know how I am about hair, right? So I wrote about hair for Miista over here if you’re interested. If not, here’s some more hair.  

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To Be or Nah

Recently my brain has come up with a philosophical dilemma that I can’t solve. I know the best solution would be to stop thinking about it. Nevertheless, here it is: Does the past matter? By “matter’, I mean does it … Continue reading

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12 Other Steps

1. Admit that everything is horrible and out of control. 2. Accept that no god of anyone’s understanding will step in to fix it. (see historical genocide, natural disasters, Donald Trump.) 3. Turning yourself over to any person or entity … Continue reading

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Never Do This!

On Saturday night, I went to take off my eye make-up and got a couple of those flat cotton pads you use to remove your nail polish. GUESS WHAT COMES NEXT! Correct! I absentmindedly reached for the nail polish remover … Continue reading

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