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Why Are They Torturing Me? Part 2

When I think about the internet and how it has distorted the reality of day to day life, first I think about social media. Nothing matters unless it can be documented, or liked. Every¬† few hours, a gigantic wave of … Continue reading

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I, Monster

A few days ago, I was at the mall, drinking coffee and talking to a young woman I will call Mary. Mary had started the conversation, which I was enjoying, because who else wants to talk to me? She was … Continue reading

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Giving Up Celebrities

When I stopped writing for Popdust a few weeks ago, I never thought I would lose interest in celebrities. Having to write about them every day involved a total immersion in their real and made-up antics. I labored over the … Continue reading

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What Is A Nervous Breakdown? Part I

I think I know the answer! Because I’m on the brink of one! Haven’t you always wondered what people meant by the outmoded term “nervous breakdown”? I used to picture someone in a padded cell, just lying on a bed, … Continue reading

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No Dancing

  When I saw a few moments of the Cancer Dance video on the evening news, I was dismayed. The news people smiled and exchanged platitudes about courage and healing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, they mused, if people everywhere were … Continue reading

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An Addictive New Waste of Time!

Has everybody already discovered the Askinator game? The Wolf household can’t stop playing it. Think of any character, real or fictive, and the Askinator Genie will guess the answer. So far, it has correctly guessed Ignatious P. Reilly, the Gimp … Continue reading

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Goony Bird Helps Out

I have seen this dress by Alexander Wang EVERYWHERE in the last few days, and even though it’s beyond my means and spoiled-by-association re Erin Wasson, I have coveted it. Blue sequins = heaven. But one look at Goony Bird … Continue reading

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I’m Just Here to Help

Do you want to consider whether your use of the Internet is an addiction? Me neither! Then don’t go here to find out. Do you think it would be tragic to use a website called Closet Viewer to catalog your … Continue reading

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I’m Not an Internet Addict, So There!

Even though I spend aimless hours on the internet, sometimes until my eyes burn, I’m not addicted to it. According to this test, anyway. I guess you’re not addicted until you say “LOL” in real life conversations. Some guy somewhere … Continue reading

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