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Why Are They Torturing Me? Part 2

When I think about the internet and how it has distorted the reality of day to day life, first I think about social media. Nothing matters unless it can be documented, or liked. Every  few hours, a gigantic wave of … Continue reading

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Heil Melania!

Let’s take a break from the Donald and turn our attention to his glamorous wife, Frau Trump. If you missed Greta Von Susteren‘s probing interview with Melania Trump, you’re in for a treat! From the moment Greta asks if it’s … Continue reading

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Death Cafe: Stupid Or Awful?

Death Cafe is sort of a coffee klatch for would-be coroners. At present, it’s more of a movement than a physical space, with pop-up Death Cafe’s in 31 countries. Here’s how Death Cafe defines itself: At a Death Cafe people, … Continue reading

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Sunday Night TV

Tonight we watched what my husband and I call ‘Our Sunday Shows.’ We’re like decrepit retiree’s, with nothing more exciting to do at night than watch TV. I can’t remember what young people do at night. Anyway, Sunday night is … Continue reading

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I’ll Feel Fat If I Want To!

Facebook has responded to a petition by eliminating the status option of ‘feeling fat.’ If only I’d known about this option! And now it’s gone, thanks to political correctness. The Change.org petition said this: Did you know that Facebook lets … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf and Twitter: Part II

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The Politics of Stupidity

“Stupidity is the devil. Look in the eye of a chicken and you’ll know. It’s the most horrifying, cannibalistic, and nightmarish creature in this world.”   ~Werner Herzog Many years ago, I was sitting in my car, waiting to make a … Continue reading

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Another Horrid Attack on a Poor Blogger Girl

Please forgive me Jesus, I can’t stop myself without Your help! First, I was upset to see these $595 boots ( or rather, “kicks”) that have gotten so much press. Why does this poor girl need to spend so much … Continue reading

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How Stupid Are We?

Remember when it was summer, and we’d cut off an old pair of jeans to make shorts? I still do that, nearly every year. Why do trendy brands like Vince think we want to pay $195 for a pair of … Continue reading

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Looking for a Class in Stupidity?

You’re in luck.   The Occidental College Course Catalog for 2008/2009 offers a course in Stupidity. Here is the description: Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence … Continue reading

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