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Weekend Hatefest

I’ll start with the word ‘pant’ in the picture above. Why can’t they use ‘pants’? The singular ‘pant’ is so grating, like ‘a red lip,’ which we all hate so robustly. I’m really struggling with existence. I’m looking for relief … Continue reading

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Death Cafe: Stupid Or Awful?

Death Cafe is sort of a coffee klatch for would-be coroners. At present, it’s more of a movement than a physical space, with pop-up Death Cafe’s in 31 countries. Here’s how Death Cafe defines itself: At a Death Cafe people, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Tell You Why

For the last two nights, we have been watching a new documentary about the Eagles. I have tested my husband’s patience by repeatedly asking “Which one is that?” I still can’t tell them apart. I always thought Don Henley was … Continue reading

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First We Kill All The

One day last week, I had the clever idea of paraphrasing Shakespeare with a post called “First we kill  all the something,”  But now I’ve forgotten what the Something was. You’d think if I really hated it, I would remember … Continue reading

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