Weekend Hatefest

pant usage

I’ll start with the word ‘pant’ in the picture above.

Why can’t they use ‘pants’? The singular ‘pant’ is so grating, like ‘a red lip,’ which we all hate so robustly.

I’m really struggling with existence. I’m looking for relief and I’m turning to hate, as always. Please join me. In no particular order:

Seth Rogan
Donald Trump
friends of Seth Rogan
Taylor Swift
Ariana Grande
Pokemon Go
Lena Dunham
cropped jeans
the word ‘cropped’
Game of Thrones
Kylie Jenner
the other Jenners
Tom Hiddleston
Ben Afleck
Rudy Giuliani
those girls named Hailey
social media
Brad and Angie
TV commercials
Star Wars
movies about comic book characters
my three half-sisters, all cunts
Giselle and Tom Brady
Julian Assange

Okay, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, hatewise.

Let’s here what you’ve got.


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37 Responses to Weekend Hatefest

  1. Mary Liz says:

    I’m not as up on things as you are, Sister Wolf, so I’ll just stick with “it’s, its, their, they’re, your, you’re” used incorrectly in comments on NYT articles.

    Unlike Trump and cancer, those are easy to correct.

  2. David Duff says:

    Smiling smilers!

    Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a slight softening of the facial muscles and a lifting of the corners of the mouth but it’s all those bloody-bloody androids on the TV ads with their ear to ear smiles showing their perfect fright-white teeth, they’re driving me mad, I tell you, mad … now where did I put my meds?

  3. Bevitron says:

    I had to look up Seth, Ariana, Tom H, Giselle & Tom, and Vetements, but I’m glad I did because now I’m hating them right along with you, Sister.

    The Seth person, fat or thin version, looks like someone whose head was designed specifically to be on a Pez dispenser. Are Brad and Angie really still around? Are there any movies based on CliffsNotes or Dummies Guides yet?

    I read that somebody associated with the Vetements thing said they work on one garment at a time and if it takes longer than 20 minutes they cancel it. That sounds like me with income tax, if I had an income. Feel free to hate me, too!

    I have funneled so much hate into Trump lately that I’ve slacked off on other hateworthy things, so I love your list. (A few days ago I heard some Trump crony on the radio refer to him, totally without irony or sarcasm, as “Donnie.” Can you imagine?!?)

  4. Rome says:

    I just moved to a very small town and everyone I run into has to interact with me way too much. Like I expressed satisfaction to a cashier by saying “Rock and roll,” and so the guy had to ask “What kind of rock are you listening to lately?” and now I can’t go back to that store and will have to go to the only other place that sells groceries. Every interaction is a piece of theater designed to… to do I don’t know what and maybe it’s less designed than necessitated by the situation of the town but it is not helping my social anxiety at all whatsoever. And while I overheard a conversation about restless spirits and chakras I doubt I’ll hear word one about those Jennerses. So that’s something.

  5. Autumn says:

    Cheers! I think it’s the heat.

    Yesterday I was accused of being “too negative” by Mr. Hateful himself. LOL fuck ’em all

  6. Josephine says:

    Any t-shirt that shouts a phrase at me; particularly on children, particularly if it is something inane like “Haters Gonna Hate” or “Handsome Like Daddy.” Retch.

    Any attraction that does not allow you to bring your own food and drink. Fuck you, I will bring this goddamn trail mix in with me.

    YouTube “stars.”

    Hearing about local food. At this point I want all my food air lifted from Des Moines just so everyone will shut the fuck up about their radicchio.

    My husband won’t stop talking about raw milk. Over it. He also is obsessed with composting, and it’s getting disgusting.

    I’m tired of people thinking they know better than government agencies. You probably do know better — but why are you surprised? You have the Internet. We’re all just people.

    I also hate wrap dresses in horrible prints with plastic jewelry. And the women who wear them to my work and eat the same fucking lunch every day in our tiny lunch room and never ask, “is this it?”

  7. Dana says:

    Costas and his facelift
    Professional athletes
    Olympic spectators
    Climate deniers
    Crazy people
    My counselor’s definition of crazy people : “they believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re absolutely right “

  8. Richard says:

    The Real Housewives on Bravo
    People who have to take their dog out to breakfast with them.
    Mitch McConnell
    Farm to Table

  9. annemarie says:

    this is from three years ago, but since he’s in the news again it bears a re-watch.

    PURE JOY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnceMoPtVfE

  10. Suspended says:

    I must be having a really mellow day as I can’t think of a thing to hate that hasn’t been mentioned already.

    Shit, am I losing my favourite super power? My undying desire to hate everything and anything at a moments notice.

    I have a slight cold, perhaps this is the problem. If not, I’ll just buy a patterned wrap dress and some plastic jewellery and be done with it. I’ve been eating so much garbage lately that I’ll soon have the moobs to fill it out!

  11. Marya says:

    Pant. Yuck! And all that. But Julian assange?

  12. Bonnie says:

    “It is what it is”. I have raging hatred for that phrase and whoever started it.

  13. Dj says:

    Campaign surrogates
    Making memories
    Family everything–memories, vacations, reunions
    Dropping the article “a”
    Celebrity worshippers
    Good Christians who pray for deportations, guns,war Trump etc.
    Hideous reality shows
    Travel and food as competitive sports
    Too many travelers who are only checking off lists
    Bucket list…hideous
    Grown women and teens schlepping crap like stuffed animal pillows and multiple hideous bundles in airports while wearing skanky clothes.
    Little children with rolling suitcases 20 steps behind parents
    Grown men dressing like 6 year olds…shorts, sandals, baseball hats…why?
    Short shorts on fat women
    Fat lips
    kardashians and Jenners
    Taylor Swift
    Generic shopping centers
    Pick up trucks and their drivers
    trump. Trump. Trump.
    The Trump child cabinet.
    Planning entire gatherings around children
    Transgender and race discussion
    Abortion tirades
    Left wing elites (used to be an oxymoron)

  14. Nina says:

    Anything Kardashian
    Motivational quotes
    People who don’t know the difference between woman and women ( it’s grammar, not rocket science!)
    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
    Mom blogs

  15. betty says:

    Here are a few…
    -myself (obviously 🙂
    -protein powder (apparently it MUST be consumed after one works out – whatever working out means) – what a racket
    -reclaimed wood furniture and white subway tiles – please god, when will it stop?
    -white kitchens (see above)
    -that Katrina woman who works for Trump
    -gluten free (see 3rd and 4th pleas, above)
    -office life (and again…)
    Too many more to mention…..

  16. Bevitron says:

    Okay, I have these:

    homemade shit that’s way easier to just buy, like makeup or shoelaces or toothpaste
    covering trees, bus shelters, utility poles, etc., in crochet
    anything you wear that tells you heartbeats, calories used, distance walked, pounds lost, hours slept, craps crapped, money earned, blah blah, blah blah
    fear of eating out of anything plastic
    all avatars except cats
    horn rims
    vacuum cleaner pride (it’s a thing)
    anything being ‘a thing’
    this list

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Mary Liz – Grammar hate is always noble.

    David Duff – I’m with you, no big smiles.

    Bevitron – I know, the Trump hatred is a self-replicating virus threatening to take our our brains. I’ve never screamed at the radio and TV like I do now.

    Rome – Bravo!

    Autumn – Oh god, people who say “too negative” should be shot.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Connie – that’s all you’ve got??

    Josephine – Hahahaha! You need to start a blog about your job. I know I would read it!

    Dana – It sounds like the Olympics are a thorn in your side. Same for me UNTIL I saw those Brazilian guys sobbing. That was magic.

    Richard – Farm to Table = HATE.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    annemarie – Wow. The douchiness!

    Suspended – Hahahahaha! We need you back in fighting form. Wear the dress if you have to.

    Marya – Yep, hate him. I saw him smirking about getting hacked stuff from Russia and something snapped.

    Bonnie – One of my all time hates.

    Dj – Great job but all tattoos??? Bucket lists, please, hate them.

    Nina – YES! Thank you!

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    betty – Oh god, reclaimed or repurposed anything.

    Jk – Awwww, good call. Thank you!

    Bevitron – Oh good, I Forgot about those things that count your steps and calories and whatnot. People are so awful, aren’t they?

  21. Dj says:

    Sorry sister! Not all tattoos, the ones that COVER arms, legs, backs….just no.

  22. suzanne myers says:

    I’ve somehow shielded myself from a lot of what was mentioned, esp. Taylor Swift, but will admit to just enough “Housewives” exposure to feel the hate. I do love Game of Thrones, though:)

    “Pant” and “lip” are godawful.

    Inspiring hate lists! A lot of territory covered, so I just have a few. I’ve probably listed a couple on your blog before:

    – coconut oil (but yeah, I use it. Just sick of hearing about it)
    – “locavore”
    – “gifting”
    – any time someone tells me how “blessed” they are. It only makes me thankful I’m not a gun owner.

    Here a two things I previously hated but now am finding some joy in:

    1. emoticons: So fun to try to use them to convey a full text message – usually one in poor taste;)

    2. Memes: It took me forever to figure out what the hell a meme is, and now that I know, I gleefully create memes to convey my sarcasm or deep-seated anger. Great stress -reducer;)

  23. Stephanie says:

    “At the end of the day.”

  24. Helen Waite says:

    – Portmanteau words (though not the word “portmanteau”) unless you are James Joyce.
    – Their close cousin, the first name letter/syllable-dash-surname first letter/syllable nicknames that the person didn’t come up with themselves (right, Si-Wo ? )
    – Luxury
    – Flagship
    – “Speaks to” rather than “refers to’; ‘has to do with’ ;’concerns”.

    I keep a list of things I hate on my cel. That is one longass list.

  25. Helen Waite says:

    – “just in time for” which seems mainly used for marketing campaigns that are planned months in advance of whatever event

    – People with big purses, totes or other shop[ping bags that take plastic bag for some small item, then put it in the existing large bag.

    – Parents , like the one I watched the other day whist riding the bus ,with herkids, a fat 6 -9 yr old, and a toddler sat in her lap. Fat son was drinking a large soft drink, mom and baby were sharing a can of Pringles™ and a soft drink. How is that not child abuse?

  26. Suspended says:

    OK, I just got pissed and got my hate mojo back. I hate a lot of whats been mentioned so I wont mention it again except for Donald FUCKING Trump!!!

    Flip-Flops (anywhere but the beach.)
    Rotund people in Lycra (Hey, Kamantha five bellies, tight clothes don’t make you look slimmer.)
    Parents who are scared of their kids (grow a fucking pair. They’ll love you for it.)
    Unclean summer smells (check your oxters.)
    Shabby Chic (that shit is still a thing thanks to chintzy 50somethings. Some stupid bitch has even copy-written the term, too. Fuckwit!)
    Camel toe in anything other than velour (because then I can imaging it’s a Jim Henson puppet and have a conversation with it.)
    School (yeah, it’s been a long time, but it was shit.)
    Unexpected bills (they ruin the art of surprise.)
    Loose change (it pulls down my trousers.)
    Lubin Itasca (blind buy, it smells like Caron’s L’Anarchiste which I own and dislike. So that’s two full bottles of unwearable. Beautiful bottles, none the less, but I want fine aromas not ornaments.)
    Wasting money (actually, I love this but I hate the consequences.)
    Growing old (I’m tired of passing mirrors/shop windows and getting the kind of fright only a spectre should be capable of providing.)
    Fat shaming (Why is the word fat suddenly allowed? Shouldn’t it be ‘Real Women’ shaming. I guess ‘fat’ is ok when you are pretending to be a victim of something other than your own greed. Fat fucking arseholes.)
    Sharpies (I have very little use for them but they seduce me with their colour-ways and now I have a full drawer devoted to them. Pointless!)
    Unicycles (they’re clearly made for tall people, which I am not.)
    Polystyrene (it’s totally evil! I hate the way those wee balls stick to you. Get to fuck, stalker packaging!)
    Spilled sugar or salt underfoot (makes my blood run cold.)
    The media
    Prosecco (stop pretending you’re Champagne. You are no better than Cava! Well, maybe marginally better.)
    Bad footwear (I’m looking at you Ugg, Croc, Birkenstock…)

    As you can see, I’m very political.

    I’ll end on something I love…
    This song makes me feel like I’m in Studio 54 and Bianca Jagger wants to blow me off (cause she’s wasted and thinks I’m Bryan Ferry.)

  27. Emily says:

    Monday through Friday afternoon plus Sunday evening.

    Hate shaming


    Articles that tell me 10 things not to say to various people in a variety of different situations

    Open letters


    Lifestyle brands

    Elaborate braids

    Lunch in jars or special containers

    Water bottles that clack and clink during meetings. You will not dehydrate in 60 minutes!

    Hot coffee slurpers

    People who reheat pasta in the staff room and stir it around, one of the sickest sounds in all the land



    The Today Show

    Entertainment Tonight

    Kim Kardashian’s ass

    Trump and Hilary

    People who drink PBR in all seriousness

    McDonald’s shaming. You liars, I know you love an egg mcmuffin!

    Hash tags unless in jest

    I love all of the lists here. #keephatealive

  28. Simone says:

    Flaunts – The verb “FLAUNTS!” is hereby banished, when referring to a female celebrity’s body part she has failed to hide from the paparazzi’s invasive lens.

    Gluten Free & Sadly Also Gluten – Once I too hated gluten-free. Alas, now gluten hates me. I deeply resent this development and dream of pierogis.

    The Kardashian Empire – Only because they are NOT GOOD TV. We stare into the void of an unremarkable family, discussing sex as though they were frigid, picking at literally the worst salads in Calabasas, sipping iced beverages, staring at their phones.
    In the Real Housewives of NY, by contrast, someone yanked off and threw her prosthetic leg at a gala. This is what I am looking for in TV.

    On the other hand, the Kardashians have moved the bar so that now my butt appears a normal size.

  29. Beannie says:

    Thank you Sister for this lovely opportunity.

    I hate morons telling me about their ‘journey’. It was just time passing you wanker. Some good and bad stuff happened. Please don’t make me listen to it.

    I despise being ‘present’ or ‘mindful’. Our minds are a pretty awful place if we dwell there too long.

  30. Sister Wolf says:

    suzanne – “blessed’ is the very worst. I can’t believe I forgot it.

    Helen Waite – Oh my god, yes on luxury, flagship, and speaks-to! What a wonderfully discerning ear! You should be writing this blog instead of me.

    Suspended – I knew you had it in you, and I love that you threw in Skrillex! Very comprehensive list, A+

    Emily – Lifestyle brands, wtf?!? I’ve only recently discovered this awful development.

    Simone – All the housewives should die, imo. And your ass is goning to be on my next hate list.

    Beannie – Ditto! Journey is bullshit, and I am rarely present or mindful. I am absent in fact, nearly all of the time. I am absent on my own Journey.

  31. Dj says:

    Must add fucking selfies and Rudy Giulani’s TEETH!

    Something I like? Animal Kingdom!

  32. helenwaite says:

    Sister Wolf respondeth to me! And it was goo – . kind & encouraging.
    Can I say that I’m “humbled” but not in a dickface way?
    Onna counta that’s how I feel after having read SiWo’s comment.

    Wisecracks divide sheep from goats.
    Now, whichever varmint you prefer, is up to you.

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    Dj – Rudy’s teeth are terrifying. Doesn’t that cunt own a mirror??

    helenwaite – I am humbled by your humility Your turn!

  34. The half sisters made me laugh out loud.

  35. DR says:

    Karate-chopped pillows.

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