‘There Is Still A Role For Shame In Society.’

Shame - Max Klinger

I am quoting Stuart Stevens, a former top strategist for Mitt Romney who has been expressing alarm about Donald Trump for months.

Stevens was reacting to Trump’s attack on the Muslim American parents who spoke at the DNC about their son, who died serving in Iraq.

Khizr Khan, the grieving father, spoke emotionally about the loss of his son. Sane people everywhere were moved to tears by his words, which included a forceful admonishment for the rabidly anti-Muslim Trump:

You have sacrificed nothing and no one.

Donald can’t tolerate criticism, as we know. His deep narcissistic wound triggers a disproportionate burst of rage whenever he perceives a slight.

So Donald lashed out at Mr. Khan, and then attacked Khan’s wife Ghazala for her silence onstage.

Mrs. Khan is a grieving mother who still falls apart when she talks about her son.

She shouldn’t have to defend her silence, but she did, in an interview on MSNBC, explaining:

I was very nervous because I cannot see my son’s picture, and I cannot even come in the room where his pictures are. And that’s why. I saw the picture [behind] my back, I couldn’t take it and I controlled myself at that time.

Today, in response to chickenhawk Trump’s attack and his ludicrous list of his own ‘sacrifices,’ Mr. Khan said:

That is typical of a person without a soul, without empathy…

Exactly! Donald Trump is just a despicable piece of shit, his politics aside. He is an embarrassment to mankind, for fuck sake.

No one needs to confront him with the famous words addressed to Joseph McCarthy Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?” because the answer is so obviously “No.”

I think it is normal and rational to squirm in agony when you watch the clip below. But I also think we must bear witness to the horrible, indefensible immorality of the Republican party for running this cunt for President. Shame on them all.



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6 Responses to ‘There Is Still A Role For Shame In Society.’

  1. Mary Liz says:

    I thought Trump had gone as low as he could, but he keeps finding new lows. Thanks for writing about this so eloquently. NO sense of decency, for sure.

  2. Suspended says:

    The man just makes me feel sick. I didn’t think it was possible for America to even entertain another possible president of such horror, not after Bush. Bush is fucking Gandhi compared to Trump.

    Terrorism is one thing but the world is facing a new fear, the fear of Trump. I, for one, am fucking shaking in my shoes at the thought of this guy getting in, and there is an ocean between us.

    Those poor Khans, having to deal with this repugnant imbeciles B.S. on top of losing their son.

  3. Connie* says:

    As always you have written about this so completely and intelligently. It is obvious that this sociopathic creep is lower than the slimiest germiest worm but what confuses and scares me is that he has supporters. Followers. Admirers. WTF is going on????

  4. Muscato says:

    Preach, sister! Those two people are heroes of the hour, and rightly so. Incredible grace.

  5. suzanne myers says:

    So well said. Definitely hard to watch. I had planned not to until reading your post. Only so much one can take of this guy, but glad I did. I agree with the other people who have posted – this is scary. I do think there is the real possibility that he will say or do something in the next couple of months that is so outrageous that even some of the die-hard Trump supporters will not be able to ignore. Maybe wishful thinking, but gotta have some hope.

    Help us Obi Wan Kanobi – your’re our only hope;)

  6. Dj says:

    Thank you sister…he is and always has been more than unbearable…crass, narcissistic, punitive.

    Let’s hear it for family and Christian values!!

    Three wives, mistresses and out of wedlock child. Check!
    Cheating people out of their livelihoods. check!
    Cheating the government, remember, he’s the king of Debt. Check!
    Bullying minorities, women, disabled. Check!
    Incessant lying. Check!
    So tally it up, a philandering civil criminal who is a bully and lies all the time will be president. Check!!
    My prediction, although I hope it doesn’t get this far, is IF he is elected, he will be impeached before the end of the term…all the angry white men, holier than thou Christian Right and the ilk will realize they have made a grave mistake. He will be run out of town..that’s my hallucination anyway….

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