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Facebook vs Humanity

When did it become a human right to broadcast yourself around the world in real time? If it’s not a right, then let’s admit that humanity is not capable of using this technology responsibly. You may love the feeling of … Continue reading

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Recycling Hostility

In just one day, I have received threats of physical violence and an actual curse, both transmitted over the Internet. Now, I am fully aware of having myself generated enough hostility online to light up several baseball stadiums if not … Continue reading

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Fuck You, Redneck Boot Sandals

I was so touched when three separate people sent me links to these stupid cowboy boot thongs. I thought, “Aww, how lovely, when people see grotesque shoes, they think of me!” But when I read the text, I learned that … Continue reading

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I’ll Feel Fat If I Want To!

Facebook has responded to a petition by eliminating the status option of ‘feeling fat.’ If only I’d known about this option! And now it’s gone, thanks to political correctness. The Change.org petition said this: Did you know that Facebook lets … Continue reading

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Peaches, Grief, Guilt and Restraining Orders

As I write this, we still don’t know what caused the death of poor Peaches Geldof but we are human, most of us, so we feel the tragedy. For me, it was yet another trigger, a blast of PTSD, complete … Continue reading

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The Horror of Facebook

  I have been spending more and more time on Facebook, and learning how it substitutes for actually living your life. People who hang out there are losers, like me, or else they’d be doing something out in the world. … Continue reading

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Human Kindness Overflowing

  Last night, I stayed up until dawn after taking in too much suffering. I am trying to learn tonglen, a method of breathing in suffering and breathing out compassion, but I forgot. I forgot, and found myself dwelling on … Continue reading

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Typically Max

Spending most of his last 6 months in bed, Max starting using Facebook, and sent friend requests to everyone else who had his name. He was so pleased by the visual effect of Max Wolf leaving a comment for Max … Continue reading

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“The Camera Never Lies”

Sometimes I forget that people aren’t always what they seem to be online. Even more often, I forget that people don’t always look how they look online. We all get lucky in some photos and less lucky in others. A … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

Way back in time, when life was still silly and fun, I created a character on MySpace called Brad Boner. For some reason, he was obsessed with U2. I just remembered him tonight, and I had a good laugh at … Continue reading

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