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The Stupidest Man in the World

I know you know, but I want you to hurt like I do. Every once in a while, you might forget how stupid and awful this bastard is, but don’t. Keep it at the forefront of your conscious mind. That … Continue reading

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Fuck You, Redneck Boot Sandals

I was so touched when three separate people sent me links to these stupid cowboy boot thongs. I thought, “Aww, how lovely, when people see grotesque shoes, they think of me!” But when I read the text, I learned that … Continue reading

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Oh Shut Up, Jezebel

  Can someone explain why people pay attention to Jezebel? I know it’s supposed to be a staunchly feminist website but it’s just so godawful! I have already registered my disgust at its policy of auditioning its commenters. But the … Continue reading

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Lou Reed, Good Riddance

My memory of hearing the Velvet Underground for the first time is indelible in every detail. I had just moved to London and I was sixteen and up for anything. I was smoking hash with some guys I’d just met, … Continue reading

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  After days of watching death and mayhem in real time on TV, I have a question: Aren’t the owners of the disastrous Texas fertilizer plant every bit as guilty as a terrorist bomber? “West Fertilizer Co is a retail facility that blends fertilizer … Continue reading

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Intermezzo My Ass

Intermezzo was a movie starring Ingrid Bergman, and of course it’s a musical term. Now it’s also a drug for people who wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve seen ads for Intermezzo at least ten times tonight … Continue reading

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Betrayed by Shopbop

One of my few pleasures in life has been cruelly eradicated by the fuckers at Shopbop. They have completely changed their format, replacing our favorite models with a bunch of Nobodies and removing the boxes that separated the images. Where … Continue reading

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Don’t Torture Children

Tonight I watched a news story about the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), a residential facility for autistic and other children with behavioral problems. It is known as a school of last resort and has a controversial history. Whatever the fuck … Continue reading

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Slavery Ruins Everything

Now that I’ve learned about cocoa harvesting, I can’t buy chocolate that isn’t Fair Trade Certified.   Knowing  that everything we buy is tainted with injustice somewhere along the line is troubling. You can’t give up everything; but child slavery is a … Continue reading

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Parsing the Hate

If you’ve been following the Republican debates, you have been amused, nauseated, and enraged. You have probably shifted in your ranking of which candidate is the stupidest or most repugnant. It’s almost like watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: … Continue reading

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