Betrayed by Shopbop

One of my few pleasures in life has been cruelly eradicated by the fuckers at Shopbop. They have completely changed their format, replacing our favorite models with a bunch of Nobodies and removing the boxes that separated the images.

Where is Starving Girl and Sad Redhead Girl?!? There are a few token picture of Goony Bird, but they have airbrushed her distinctive tummy deformity and you can see that her heart just isn’t in it.

This is a real slap in the face after all my devotion.  Aside from the matter of my personal distress, I think this is a terrible business decision. They have broken the unique bond between viewer and model that made shopbop such a joy.  There is no one to connect with now, no subtext, and god knows the merchandise is awful on its own.

Fuckers! Idiots! I was so mad that I started a petition on but decided that perhaps it’s not a human rights issue after all. It’s more of a consumer betrayal, I guess.

Can anyone suggest a shopping website offering a perverse joy on the level of the sadly departed original Shopbop?

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13 Responses to Betrayed by Shopbop

  1. annemarie says:

    Damn straight. The models looked much cozier in the darkened boxes. It’s alarming to the eye to see them swish through the vast whiteness. It’s terrifying, actually. I think you were dead right to go to

    I saw the guy who started that on The Daily Show and I thought he was a perfect example of the type of over-confident wanker that the Ivy League system has perfected. (In fairness, this guy went to Stanford, but still.)
    “I can do ANYTHING.”
    “I represent the BEST minds of my generation.”
    And even the nice ones are only nice because they feel this way: “I am one of the BLESSED ones. Therefore, I want to HELP those LESS BLESSED than I.”

  2. I suggest – talking about perverse joy, not quite on the level of your fav models, but there is enough oddness there for hours of entertainment.

  3. alicia says:

    I noticed that a few days ago, too. It makes me not want to shop there. Bring back the Sad Redhead Girl!!!!

  4. alittlelux says:


  5. jessa says:

    I fucking love your blog.

  6. Kellie says:

    is Goony out of work now??? And living rough???

    What is she going to do for a career???


  7. Miss Fox says:

    I suggest Urban Outfitters. There’s a model on there with the strangest waist to hip ratio I’ve ever seen.

  8. Andra says:

    Come back Goony, all is forgiven!

  9. Sprockets says:

    This isn’t clothing, but is a totally perverse place. Today there was a listing for PVC pipe. There are listings for ONE PROSTHETIC BREAST, etc. I once saw a ball of ordinary white string described as being “artisan knitting yarn.”

    Also, the descriptions are outrageous. This place is staffed by losers who couldn’t get a real job, and it shows. It’s a great place to browse if you need to feel superior to the unwashed masses.

  10. Sprockets says:

    Sorry, it’s I just click the friendly button on my screen and it takes me there, so what do I know?

  11. Alicia says:

    You’ll LOVE it.

  12. EricaE says: ABSOLUTELY! also and where they can make even the most demure item look slutty!

  13. Leslie says:

    I was going to suggest myself. But if you’re searching for skinny, sad models who seem too small for Size 0, you can’t do much better than Their measurements are even provided following the clothing descriptions.

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