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Complaint Round-up, Take Two

Okay, so there’s skin cancer, big deal, removed and stitched up. If it were a serious life-threatening form of cancer, I would ignore it. But somehow, I’ve ended up making a million doctor appointments, as though I’m a car getting … Continue reading

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My Prince

I thought of him as my own Prince, the voice I danced to in my living room when nobody I knew liked Dirty Mind except for me. On New Year’s Eve at the close of 1998, we went to an … Continue reading

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Calibrating Distress

For those of you who use ‘social media,’ did you notice how quickly concern for the dead lion evoked angry complaints that ‘black lives matter?’ People weren’t done mourning for whoever they were mourning for and they resented the outrage … Continue reading

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Death by Scarf

I am now officially obsessed with death by scarf, following the news about L’Wren Scott. I didn’t want to believe that this really happens but as it turns out, hanging is the most effective method of suicide. Better than jumping … Continue reading

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The Problem with Living

  On Thursday it will be three years. I never expected to still be around. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but it changes your emotional terrain. A couple of weeks ago, I considered living for the first time.  I was … Continue reading

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  After days of watching death and mayhem in real time on TV, I have a question: Aren’t the owners of the disastrous Texas fertilizer plant every bit as guilty as a terrorist bomber? “West Fertilizer Co is a retail facility that blends fertilizer … Continue reading

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I’m not afraid of snakes, spiders or bees. I’m not afraid of death. I’m just afraid of everything else. Today, I was afraid to walk down my driveway because I saw a Thing that looked like a cat but wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Levon Helm

If you don’t love the Band, you’re not a lover of music. Whatever genres you prefer, there is simply no denying the gorgeous soulful freewheeling and majestic sound of the Band, from Big Pink and the Basement tapes onward. Listening … Continue reading

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