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Armchair Psychology

Once upon a time, people used to accuse other people of being anal retentive, or just “anal.” You could also get a reaction by calling people “neurotic.” Remember “nymphomaniac?” That was a word used to shame girls who liked sex, … Continue reading

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Thankful Or Not

I have been struggling with inertia, feelings of hopelessness, and general apathy. Thanksgiving made me aware of my resistance to the whole idea of being thankful. Why do we have to be thankful on demand? Why can’t we just wallow … Continue reading

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The Age Of Indignation

Some guy who’s going to host a TV show has just caused a huge fit of umbrage because he once tweeted about ‘fat chicks’ and made a joke about Jews. How dare he! People are arguing about whether he deserves … Continue reading

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Happy Now, Seth Rogan?

Now that Sony has cancelled the release of The Interview, I wonder if there’s anyone on the Sony lot going ‘I told you so!’ When we look back on this debacle, I hope people will view the movie as an … Continue reading

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Again With the Awful New Words

Just because people say it, is it a ‘word’? This is becoming complicated, thanks to the internet and all its attendant evils, which are now too astronomical to count. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has just added 150 new words, making official … Continue reading

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How Bossy!

Oh god, political correctness. Now, They want us to ban the word ‘bossy’ because it inhibits girls from ‘leaning in.’ I would much rather ban ‘lean in’ if I were Minister of Language. The new Ban Bossy campaign is predictably … Continue reading

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Gwyneth, Enough Already!

I know it’s not very interesting to hate Gwyneth, but how can one ignore her this week? It’s like she WILL NOT REST until every single person on earth detests her. Is her work done yet? If not, we’re getting … Continue reading

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Big Boy Pants

What the fuck is up with the “big boy pants?” It’s such an annoying expression that after hearing it three times, I need it to go away. Did everyone hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz tell Romney and his staff to put … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: What a Fucking Cuntâ„¢!

On a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Mitt Romney sat down at a picnic table with some locals who offered him a plate of cookies. His reaction was to ridicule the cookies, observing prissily that they looked like they came from … Continue reading

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Hating The Ex

I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with an old friend who is now divorced from the husband who used to boss her around and make her have sex with him three times a week without regard to … Continue reading

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