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The Wolfpack

I finally got around to seeing The Wolfpack, but I was not prepared for it. The true story of six brothers, aged 11 to 18, who were imprisoned in their New York apartment by their crazy parents, how could it … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Is A Virus

My name is Sister Wolf, and I’m addicted to Kim Kardashian. I write about her at my ‘day job’ but when I’m off-duty, I find I can’t quit her. When I’m out walking with my husband, a dazzling view of … Continue reading

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Advice From An Old Bag

Fine, I am ageist. Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn are both 68. Jamie Leigh Curtis is 55. These three actresses have all the advantages that come with their privileged positions, but to my mind they are old bags whose faces … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2014 Exegesis

  Let’s start with the men. Guys, don’t wear your hair up! If you’re a Sumo wrestler, fine, otherwise, never. This douche above turned out to be the horrible Edward Zero character, but his name is Alex Ebert and he … Continue reading

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My Favorite Iggy

    I don’t like Iggy Pop, even though I’m aware of his importance to punk music. Doesn’t he sing the Passenger song? Whatever. He needs to put his shirt on but seems committed to showing off his stringy malnourished … Continue reading

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Manifesto of Limitations

I can only look at art or photography. But no nudes or kitsch. No cats, No pictures of food or girls wearing hats. No ironic memes. No selfies. I can no longer wear thongs or socks. I can only eat … Continue reading

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Fear of Old Ladies

  It has taken several days to emerge from the spell cast by Top of the Lake. I miss the weird atmosphere and the intensity of the relationships. Now that I’m back in my own world, I’m preoccupied by the … Continue reading

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Family: Part I

My dad had seven children with three wives. I am still getting to know the younger ones, who live in another county. One was an athlete in college, and she was the apple of daddy’s eye. He had always wanted … Continue reading

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Academy Award Exegesis 2013

This year, I can honestly say that I got what I wanted. ┬áMy choice for best picture, best actor and best actress came through, somebody fell, Adele was a goddess, and David O. Russell didn’t get to gloat over his … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Softness of Being

I went to see my psychiatrist when he returned from his three week vacation. Before I could make a┬áperemptory statement about my hair, he said brightly: “New Hair!” He had no idea what I’ve been through, hair-wise. This is the … Continue reading

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