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Your Lipstick Hunt is Over.

Cult objects of desire are always disappointing, with one exception. Make-up artist Pat McGrath’s lipsticks really are the most wonderful thing in the whole world (right after babies, of course!) They are everything you ever hoped for in a lipstick, … Continue reading

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Advice From An Old Bag

Fine, I am ageist. Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn are both 68. Jamie Leigh Curtis is 55. These three actresses have all the advantages that come with their privileged positions, but to my mind they are old bags whose faces … Continue reading

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Gallery Girls: Feel the Hate

Gallery Girls is a great way to feel better abut yourself no matter how awful you are. The latest reality ick-fest by Bravo TV, Gallery Girls follows the pointless lives of some tragically deluded young women seeking a place in … Continue reading

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Enjoy My Colon

Today I had the privilege of another colonoscopy. My mother had colon cancer, so this is her gift to me. I looked forward to the propofol, but little else. The fasting and the nauseating potion you have to drink are … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the Flat Iron

I was going to a wedding on Sunday, so my friend Andy insisted on  straightening  my hair for the occasion. It’s the first time I’ve ever had my hair flat-ironed. It’s so silky and it looks so much longer! But I can’t … Continue reading

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Exciting Benefit Contest

Remember the Benefit Incident, and the pathetic correspondence that ensued between me and Patricia, the company’s US Customer Care Manager? Well, I wrote back to Patricia, turning on the ol’ Sister Wolf charm: Good evening Patricia, Your reply makes no … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of the Estee Lauder Lady

I went to Nordstrom with my sister and stopped in my tracks at the Estee Lauder display. A new lipstick promised to say on for 12 hours. I asked the nice Black sales lady to show me the reddest red … Continue reading

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Vivienne Westwood Agrees on Tablecloths!

How timely! Here, you can watch Viv urge people to make clothes out of tablecloths if they find a nice one. How lovely to hear the ultimate arbiter of great style chime in on our tablecloth plans for fall/winter!   It’s … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Susan Boyle, Part 2

So Susan Boyle has not only groomed her eyebrows, but get this: SHE BOUGHT A NEW LIPSTICK! I’m trying not to read any more stories or opinions about Susan Boyle, but I slipped up today. The Daily Mail is making … Continue reading

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Important Lipstick Advisory

If I were on the Titanic (and all the news hints that I am, along with the rest of you) I would be the one running to put on more red lipstick. Therefore, I have purchased this new lipstick by … Continue reading

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