The Meaning of Susan Boyle, Part 2

So Susan Boyle has not only groomed her eyebrows, but get this: SHE BOUGHT A NEW LIPSTICK!

I’m trying not to read any more stories or opinions about Susan Boyle, but I slipped up today. The Daily Mail is making a big deal about the lipstick, but I didn’t sense any criticism.   Other recent reports have seemed deeply resentful of Susan’s steps toward a mainstream look.

How dare she become self-conscious all of a sudden?!   We’ve been baited and switched! We were promised a geeky old spinster, like Bette Davis in “Now Voyager,” but instead we’ve got a woman wearing lipstick who looks ALMOST NORMAL! I think this is the essence of what is supposed to be The Susan Boyle Backlash.

Here is the unearthed tape of Susan Boyle auditioning for a TV show 15 years ago. This may add to the backlash, because it proves that she didn’t just crawl out of a hole at 48 and decide to sing. She’s always wanted to sing, and has made several attempts to have a career at it.   In this audition, she manages to play along as some fucking cunt  clowns around, apparently ridiculing her performance.

I haven’t stopped loving her, and I’m happy if she’s happy with her new look. What I see in her also is a person who has been to some degree “off” her whole life: Slightly weird, slightly different. It’s obvious, right? Maybe she’s even a bit autistic. I know she left school early because of “learning difficulties.” It’s a quality that I’m always drawn to.

I hope she has enough support to cope with the attention, judgements, and the inevitable fall from grace when the public and the media grow tired of her and move on.

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16 Responses to The Meaning of Susan Boyle, Part 2

  1. annemarie says:

    oh god, that fucking cunt Michael Barrymore. Shoot him!

    I agree with you on all counts about Susan Boyle.

    I am bloody sick and tired of the fact that when people talk about her they feel compelled to say shit like “it just shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover” and on pointing out how “fat” and “ugly” she is. i mean even fucking Rosie O’Donnell, who surely should know better, compared the Susan Boyle phenomena to Shrek!!!

    Susan Boyle is adorable. She is not ugly and she is not fat. She looks like how most people would look if they were in the 40s, lived in rural Scotland, had looked after their mother their whole life. Not everyone is completely obsessed with their appearance and spends hours thinking about their personal style and image. Jesus, what is wrong with people?

  2. Lauren says:

    Yessssss, finally a trademark on fucking cunt!

    I have to admit, I think I’ll miss the spinster Susan. No matter, she still warms my heart (even with the designer duds)!

  3. Bex says:

    I hope that she’ll have an actual singing career as opposed to being the voice behind a lipsynching wannabe.

  4. I hadn’t seen the makeover, but I still think she looks the real deal. In fact now she looks exactly like any one of the women in the old black and white Kodaks my mum used to keep under the bed when I was a kid. Gauche, ‘dolled up’ in the most innocent way for Saturday’s dance and looking much more like they’d prefer to be driving cattle down an overhung lane.

    Every time I see that gormless series of ‘oh, I am surprised’ reaction shots from Cowell, Morgan and Holden (does that sound like a sharkpool or what?) I feel a little more love for the hopelessly inept. Such chicanery.

    I’m never gonna be alpha male. Sigh.

  5. marmalade wombat says:

    trust you to make that link and reference!

    sigh. I love bette davis and her impressive brows in “now, voyager”.

    a movie close to my heart

  6. marmalade wombat says:

    oh also. i read in the paper. kids used to buzz her door and then run away calling her “susan simple”. her mother was in her late 40s when she had susan, who is the youngest of 10 children. there was something about the child being deprived of oxygen, leading to mild learning disabilities.

    I hope someone is looking after her. The media can turn suddenly and become so savage.

  7. Jill says:

    Why did I not think to trademark “fucking cunt”?! Fuck!!
    Autism or possibly Asperger’s. I have a friend whose husband I am convinced has Asperger’s…they tend to be a bit more functional…barely.

  8. I’ve got a soft spot for the slightly weird and “off” too. Hope she doesn’t suffer from all the attention.

  9. hammie says:

    I can’t bear to watch that cunt Barrymore in anything except maybe a real life Shawshank where we get to watch him swim through the sewer on shitcam.

  10. hoochiegucci says:

    That’s Micheal Barrymore!

    Britain’s once BELOVED Micheal Barrymore…..”alwight?!”

    He’s no clown…..he’s a CUNT.

  11. Matt Ryan says:

    “because it proves that she didn’t just crawl out of a hole at 48 and decide to sing. She’s always wanted to sing, and has made several attempts to have a career at it” – That says it all! She’s NOT good enough to hav a career at it!

    The woman (if you can call her that) is an embarrassment! She’s distinctly average! And to be honest, I hope she gets off of our screens soon, I’m sick and tired of seeing her smug, mental face and hearing her whail her way through decent songs!

    Enough boyle! No one wants you around!

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    Matt – Oh, fuck off, you mean bastard.

  13. Matt Ryan says:

    Sister wolf, you fuck of you retarded cunt!

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Matt, I can’t fuck off until you spell it correctly!

  15. Susan Boyle was my bet on Britains Got Talent. She has a very beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she got dropped.

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