Your Lipstick Hunt is Over.

Cult objects of desire are always disappointing, with one exception.

Make-up artist Pat McGrath’s lipsticks really are the most wonderful thing in the whole world (right after babies, of course!)

They are everything you ever hoped for in a lipstick, and more. The case is adorable and kind of stupid, with a nice heft and a good confirmatory click. The pigment is unbelievably rich. It glides on like silk underpants. I don’t know, I made that part up. But it is definitely silky, smooth and light as a whisper. I can’t write this kind of crap! What does “light as a whisper” mean? It feels light, okay? Here’s a bunch of literary similes for “light as…”

It is so dope, you won’t resent spending $38 for it. You will THANK IT for only costing $38. Tom Ford lipstick is $54, not that I would ever consider buying it. All his sickening fragrances smell like room-spray, as I’m sure you all know.

I got the MatteTrance color Elson, a deep blue red. If you don’t like a matte formula, there are creamy colors too.

You can order online at Sephora or find it in real life at ‘select’ stores. You can also get it at Pat McGrath’s website, where I borrowed this picture.*

*My husband said it looks just like my bathroom! What greater compliment can a woman ask for?

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13 Responses to Your Lipstick Hunt is Over.

  1. Mary Liz says:

    My favorite is “light as leef on lynde.” Lipstick advertisers should use THAT.
    I may buy one of these lipsticks, because I respect your opinion.

  2. Suspended says:

    I love you for this line “All his sickening fragrances smell like room-spray, as I’m sure you all know.” Of course, I whole heartedly agree.

    I follow miss McGrath on Instagram; always a carousel of colour and glamour.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Mary Liz – They really should. I hope you find a color you like!!!

    Suspended – I follow her too! Those eye-shadow videos make me scream out loud! I love her so much.

  4. Romeo says:

    Hey, I just realized that the nation seems to have recovered from the Las Vegas thing super super fast. We’re getting really good at recovering from mass shootings!

    Those of us who weren’t killed, I mean.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Romeo – Harvey Weinstein changed the subject. Our citizens have no attention span.

  6. Suspended says:

    “Our citizens have no attention span.”

    I feel quite depressed about that.

  7. Suspended says:

    To be fair, the Vegas murder was heavily covered and there’s nothing left to tell without actually invading the families privacy. Personally, I hate that kind of thing. It’s too invasive.

    Obviously, the only way left to go is talking about gun control (do people ever stop talking about it?) America just doesn’t seem ready to give them up but it’s difficult to gage these things from the UK. Is it a North vs. South kinda vibe or are supporters for both sides dispersed evenly?

    Is it any wonder Weinstein’s is the big story with fresh allegations dropping daily. We haven’t even started the legal proceedings/fresh pay offs.

  8. Simone says:

    Oh Bloody Hell. I love buying lipstick, so after your high praise I went looking for this brand. But it’s at least double the price in Australia, like cosmetics usually are here. I do however have the other great thing you mention in this post, a baby, so I’ll go and hug him to console myself.

  9. Kellie says:

    I have always felt like I SHOULD like the Tom Ford fragrances. But none have ever been compelling enough to get me to pay the $$$$$$ for them. Same goes for his lipsticks.
    I was just looking at the Pat lipsticks. Perhaps I need a new look.

  10. Vic says:

    I will check out this lipstick. You are always right. I would have missed ruby woo- if not for you. I am loving the teraji p Henson viva glam, but only for night, when I’m seldom out.

  11. Romeo says:

    Suspended – I was pro gun control, but with motherfucking tiki torch Nazis marching in the streets and with their sympathizers in the White House I’ve changed my mind. The police have been militarized for certain and have allegedly been systematically infiltrated by white supremacists. The gun rights people believe that they have a right to own guns and believe that gun control proponents seek to infringe upon those rights – rights which they’re prepared to defend with their guns. Liberals, get your own militias started and tell your higher power to ready for blood.

  12. Romeo says:

    I apologize for hijacking this article about lipstick and taking it into crazy town. It’s just… I have that “Alexander Hamilton” song stuck in my head and since I don’t know the lyrics except for the words “Alexander” and “Hamilton” and I don’t really know the tune or anything it’s just “Alexander Hamilton” with different emphases and cadences going over and over and over again.

    Sometimes I swap out the consonants, like in that “Banana-Anna-Fo-Fana” song. “Balexander Bamilton” etc. etc. and so forth ad nauseam.

  13. Romeo says:

    Or maybe Jeff Flake sees that all of the mechanisms necessary to steer us into “1000 years of darkness” are not only in place but in motion as well.

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