The Ballad of Harvey Weinstein

Relax, this isn’t about Harvey Weinstein. I’ve already dealt with him here.

But since he’s still the Outrage du Jour, I commented on a Facebook thread about him by saying, “Why don’t these fat pigs just pay prostitutes instead of going around ruining people’s lives?” It was a rhetorical question but someone came back at me with something like, “Why do you want sex-workers to be mistreated? And what does body size have to do with this?”

Jesus! I will leave it to you to evaluate the self-righteous absurdity of that response.

I now realize that I will never, ever, be able to keep up with progressives. This makes me sad. Have they just gone too far or is it an age thing? Maybe I’m too old to learn the new rules. I think I even call my mailman “the mailman” instead of “the mail-carrier.”

I certainly think that Weinstein is a fat pig. So many predators and bullies are fat pigs! Here’s a collage that Max made for me, for a post I wrote in 2009.

I don’t see why we have to worry about fat-shaming our cultural villains, if they’re fat. We need to have some leeway with language or we won’t be able to speak at all. We old people especially have trouble with retrieving words and we shouldn’t be penalized for calling prostitutes prostitutes, for example.

Words are still a joy for me, even though they are evaporating from my memory bank in huge quantities. Today, when Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco called Donald Trump a deranged animal, I felt a spark of joy, literally. I could feel my neural synapses light up and go ping.

Good call! I thought. And later, back to Facebook, I couldn’t stop laughing when a friend wrote:

My favorite pants right now are Eileen Fisher. Who even am I?

As long as I can still use and enjoy words, I will probably be able to put up with everything, including Harvey Weinstein. I’m just hoping we can quickly move on to the question of why that beautiful Marchesa woman married him, even if it’s gold-digger shaming.

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14 Responses to The Ballad of Harvey Weinstein

  1. Suspended says:

    Anyway, great piece on Miista! I always enjoy any extra words from the Wolf. xx

    As a male parent I’ve noticed the amount kinder-misogyny that comes from parents. Default phrases plucked from a different generation.

    “Stop crying, you’re acting like a little girl.”

    People need to think about the language they use and how that’s forming your child’s view of the world. Boys grow in to men, men that have been taught that girls are inferior. Emotion is inferior. Girls grown in to women with inbuilt insecurities that make them more vulnerable to pricks like Weinstein.

    I have to add in the case of Weinstein, et al, the mountains of coke and instant access to porn, also, aren’t helpful.

    I was just talking to my wife yesterday about how difficult I’m finding this new online news experience. There are too many opinions. Too many factions all with their own degree of disgust. Too many toes to step on. Too many people ready to wage a keyboard war. Too much irrationality. I feel a little shaky. It’s overwhelming and ultimately pointless if every point of view has to be deemed valid. “You can’t use that word because I’m one of the 0.00003% that finds it offensive.”

  2. Romeo says:

    I don’t think prostitutes will be able to scratch this particular itch. The fat pigs are fat pigs because they can buy whatever they want already, their troughs overflow with ill-gotten gains. Obviously this shit is about exercising one’s will over the will of another. And I’m pretty sure that golf is a manifestation of the same thing, fat pigs hanging out in yet another social arena determining where everyone is in the pecking order and who is in a position to force whom to give out figurative and maybe literal blowjobs.

    Isn’t there a Shakespeare quote about killing off the lawyers first? What would he think about burning down country clubs? And also too what’s the antonym of “largesse?”

  3. Romeo says:

    And also too as well that mosaic of fat pigs is tempting me to photoshop those faces onto srotums. Scrota? Srotumseses.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – So many good points. I can’t imagine you imparting a shred of misogyny to your child.

    Romeo – Yep, paying for hookers, I mean sex-workers, would be too easy. Largesse is such a great word in this context! It connotes greasy French pigfat. Scrotum plural…scroti? What about a collective noun for them, like a Bevy of Blonds. A ___ of scrotums.

  5. mary says:

    a scourge of scrotums!

  6. Dana says:

    Scratch of scrota

  7. Romeo says:

    A skrinkle of scrotums.

  8. Romeo says:

    A family-sized bucket of scrotumseses.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    A scrunchie of scrotums?

  10. Romeo says:

    Sure, kind of a Samson and Delilah thing. I know how you love your Bible stories!

  11. Suspended says:

    Thanks, Sis, but I’m certain to be fucking up in a multitude of other ways that will surely reveal themselves when we hit the teenage years, and beyond.

  12. Dj says:

    All those photos could be blended and look alike. Forget scrotums, call it as it is. dicks,

  13. Catamount says:

    On the “why are they all so fat” front, speaking as a somewhat fat person (not fat in the Midwest, fat in California): Many fat men don’t sexually harass people – I mean, I know a lot of fat guys and I grew up being, like most women, sexually harassed. I think the issue with Weinstein, like with Trump, isn’t being fat, it’s that the fatness is a symbol of not caring what anyone else thinks. Because in general these guys are not “fat but a very sharp dresser” or “fat but sporty” or “fat but has a beautiful smile” or “fat but has a lovely speaking voice”, etc. They never aim to please or charm, because they enjoy oppressing others. They’re always fat in a particular, repugnant way that says “I can be badly dressed, have an ugly haircut, talk barbarously about stupid topics, gurn at the camera and assault women, and you can’t stop me”. Consider Trump and his horrible hair and awful suits and lousy taste – those are all markers of power. He can be horrible and still control things – it’s a form of aesthetic bullying. And it’s also why none of these guys hire sex workers instead of harassing women, or even date the vast numbers of young people who would be only too happy to date a powerful old dude – everything they do is for the pleasure of bullying.

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Catamount – Brilliant perspective! Thank you!

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