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Could It Be Low T?

If you live in the US and watch TV, you have been bombarded with commercials touting drugs for low testosterone. Never mind that doctors agree only a small proportion of men – about 0.5% – need testosterone therapy. The ads … Continue reading

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Gifts for Him: First in a Series

“Set of two small cedar stumps infused with fresh, real Siskiyou cedar – it’s just like taking a hike in the rugged Siskiyou mountains of the northwest. Has scent notes of ginger, wool blankets, and deep forest.” 100% wildcrafted and organic ingredients. … Continue reading

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Mr. Know-it-all

I had lunch today at an Indian restaurant where my friend and I were regaled by the wisdom of a guy I’ll call Mr. Know-it-all. Mr. Know-it-all (see above) is one of those guys who knows everything. And I mean … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mad!

Imagine how upset I was to click on What’s New at net-a-porter only to find that I’d missed out on another impressive statement piece.   Those of you who rely on me for shopping tips, please try to understand.   I’m so … Continue reading

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When I was little, I loved mermaids. I loved the illustrations in my book of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales. I drew pictures of mermaids over and over, draping them in strings of pearls. Now that I’m addicted to tumblr, … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

ASK A MAN #104: ABOUT HOMOPHOBIA “Why are so many men homophobes? Why do they feel so threatened by gay men?” –Andra “It can only be seen as funny that demagogues give speeches denouncing men who insert their penises into … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

ASK A MAN #103: ABOUT GETTING A MAN TO CLEAN “How do I get my boyfriend to clean a little? I’m a realist and I know he’s never going to seriously clean something but he works half the hours I … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

ASK A MAN #102: ABOUT NAGGING “How do I make it sound less like nagging and more like reminding?” -Sam “It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Samuel is ‘God heard’. Also possibly as ‘requested of God…’” -thinkbabynames.com … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

ASK A MAN #101: ABOUT HANDSHAKES “When they met one another, there was an uneasy moment as each watched the other’s right hand. If it went to his sword or gun, there was a battle, but if it went to … Continue reading

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Ask a Man

One of the exciting new features you can look forward to here will be the convenience of A Man to answer your questions regarding male behavior. The feature will be called Ask a Man, and written by my friend Romeo, … Continue reading

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