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Gucci Jumps The Shark

Gucci is betting that we’re all idiots, and good for them. Here’s net-a-porter gushing over this special contraption: Sometimes you spot something on the runway that you just have to have, regardless of how impractical it may seem – cue … Continue reading

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The Tragic $1,500 Sandal

Just in for fall winter 2015-2016 are these inexplicable sandals by DSquared. Here are its ‘features’ as written on shoescribe.com: Fringe Metal Applications Solid color Zip closure Leather/rubber sole And yet that tells us nothing. We need those proselytizing editors … Continue reading

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Please Miu Miu, as if.

  Will you look at this atrocity – WHY, Miu Miu? This jacket reminds me of everything awful about the 80’s, and actually makes me want to throw up.  What is more sickening that a cropped denim jacket with dropped … Continue reading

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If You Can Pronounce ‘Balmain’ Correctly

Before you complain about the $13,776 price tag, consider the close-up view of this vest: “Take your ___  cues from ___  and wear this  ___  style with  ____ attitude – think  ___  pants  and  ____  heels.” Replace the missing words (the ones … Continue reading

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Word Usage: Count the Crimes

Here’s a beaded cat-ear headband for $1,290 at net-a-porter, but that’s not the problem. Here’s the description: There are so many things wrong in this one paragraph! I counted six word crimes, and you may find that I passed some … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mad!

Imagine how upset I was to click on What’s New at net-a-porter only to find that I’d missed out on another impressive statement piece.   Those of you who rely on me for shopping tips, please try to understand.   I’m so … Continue reading

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Monkeys: It’s On!

It’s official: Monkeys are the new black. The earrings above are sold out at net-a-porter, even though they just appeared on the website. Shit! Time waits for no man at net-a-porter. This monkey necklace is also sold out! You’ve just … Continue reading

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Bondage Skirts

Time marches on but some things never change. Bondage skirts are always cool, and here are two that I really want and would never wear. But let me emphasize, I really want them. On the left, Warhol for Levis, at … Continue reading

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