Monkeys: It’s On!

It’s official: Monkeys are the new black. The earrings above are sold out at net-a-porter, even though they just appeared on the website. Shit! Time waits for no man at net-a-porter.

This monkey necklace is also sold out! You’ve just saved $1,220. Net-a-porter says: Amedeo’s monkey cameo is a wonderfully unique adornment. Wear it to lend antique appeal to summer tops and skirts.

I could argue that nothing would lend antique appeal to “tops and shorts” unless they were made in the 19th century but why bother.

Start curating your monkey-themed crap asap! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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12 Responses to Monkeys: It’s On!

  1. Kimberley says:

    There are over 1500 items listed in handmade jewellery on etsy!
    A monkey locket-

  2. gretchen says:

    Here’s a sweet monkey necklace that’s made of vintage parts – also, on etsy!

  3. Hammie says:

    You could just throw your own poo and save yourself the time

  4. Bevitron says:

    Sister Wolf, this is why I love you – I’m old and don’t know shit about shit and I learn so much when I visit here! Monkey jewelry, horse teeth necklaces, shoes I would never ever have been exposed to, and I don’t know what all. Always enlightening.

  5. This truly is monkey business xx

  6. Deni says:

    When I was a wee thing, I went to see the Monkey’s Paw at the local theater, up in T O. The film scared the bejesus out of me. I’ve had nightmares where I was trying to find the monkey that lost its paw and give the paw back. Where am I going with this? I get creeped out by anything that has to do with monkeys, other than real monkeys.

    The gist of the monkey’s paw is that the possessor may have three wishes; however, those wishes usually end up in a tragedy of some sort. There’s only one wish you can wish for that will not end up in tragedy; sort of like the riddle of the Sphinx.

  7. Suspended says:

    $1,220 for the ‘privileged’ of wearing a cameo of a monkey timing itself taking a dump. Added bonus, it looks like it was carved by a monkey.

  8. Elaine says:

    Shoot I just threw out all my Curious George jewellry

  9. sprockets says:

    I’m beginning to see how many priceless tresures I’ve donated to Goodwill.

  10. Witch Moma says:

    In honor of Curious George, I’ll become the “woman” in the yellow hat.

  11. Marky says:

    Two jewelry posts in a row? It’s clear you don’t want me here.

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