Problem Jewelry

This necklace of horse teeth is sold out and it’s all my fault. I’m enslaved by tumblr and slacking off on my shopping tips. Please don’t be mad. You can’t have the necklace but for a little more money, you can have this:

A bracelet by Martin Margiela that goes around your hand! How clever! Made of brass, it’s a hefty $635… but what is money when it comes to a Statement Piece of jewelry?

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15 Responses to Problem Jewelry

  1. David Duff says:

    And, it would double-up as a knuckle-duster so real value for – ‘*^#*’ me – $635!!!!!!

  2. Deena says:

    Horse teeth. Just when I think I’ve seen it all you open my eyes to new levels of fashion depravity.

  3. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Neither of these items are even remotely Visionary. And they are really ‘spensive. I can’t believe people are buying these things during Frugal February.

    I don’t even want to think about at what stage of the horsie’s life his poor choppers were removed.

  4. Ann says:

    No to both. But the real story here is that your Tumblr addiction exceeds your legendary shopping addiction! I don’t even know you anymore, Sister Wolf!

  5. Cricket9 says:

    The title of this post is right – I do have a big problem with both pieces, especially with $635 for a strip of brass.

  6. Muffy says:

    I don’t what is more fucked up…horse teeth or Jane’s cock roach?

  7. The horse teeth necklace is creepy in a bad way and the bracelet (handlet?) looks uncomfortable. I’m all for oddities but in the case of fashion, there ought to be a point of reference, a purpose, a little functionality, you know?

  8. marie says:

    Someone didn’t like what she saw when inspecting her gift.

  9. annemarie says:

    the MM bracelet looks like a catholic instrument to stop you pleasuring yourself.

  10. Hammie says:

    Noo, annemarie! It’s to stop you wiping your Nose on your hand.

  11. Desiree says:

    Horse teeth?!! OK it’s on. We’re gonna have every kind of tooth on a chain now … fashionistas are gonna start hanging out at abattoirs and pet cemeteries.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    Desiree, fashionistas (how I hate this word!) are hanging out in these places now; also, around the taxidermy shops. I’m just waiting for a necklace featuring a “real 24 karat gold coated squirrel roadkill” or something similar.
    I think Hammie is right; a catholic instrument would have a serrated edge or sharp spikes.

  13. Suspended says:

    Those horse teeth could do with a de-scale and polish. Aaaah, the sweet scent of hay in decay.

    Margiela’s thing looks like a lesson on how to make a clever hand look retarded. All the hand needs is eyes and a mouth to turn it into Fido Dido. Margiela is terribly overrated.

    I love how annemarie still has the Nun-factor…haha You slay me!

  14. sprockets says:

    The bracelet is lovely, and it matches the necklace the sheriff made me wear around my ankle!

  15. martha says:

    you are absolutely hilarious ! I love your blog

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