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Move Aside, Proust: The Ex-Wife Speaks

When I’m feeling particularly miserable and powerless, I check to see if the Ex-Wife has written a new column in her neighborhood paper.  It never makes me feel better, but I am often rewarded by my favorite tropes, like references … Continue reading

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Thinking and Writing About Your Stuff

The other day, I dutifully checked in on the Ex Wife’s literary efforts, not just because I’m nuts but because they are so breathtakingly stupid. I always come away feeling both gratified and enraged. I can’t help it! She writes … Continue reading

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First Wordist Manifesto of 2016: Voracious

In the last few days, my sensitivity to words has been causing problems at home. It’s like a chronic low-grade illness that sometimes becomes acute. I was starting to read an essay on millennials when the word ‘peruse’ caused me … Continue reading

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Fashion Gibberish And A Contest

My cyber-friend and adopted daughter Annemarie has generously pointed me to a treasure trove of pretentious fashion gibberish that reads like a buzzword generator. In fact, the high-end shopping site Ssense has just launched such a generator and it’s fun … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand

Everywhere I go online today, there is shit about Fifty Shades of Grey. I guess there’s a new trailer out, or maybe it’s the first trailer. I can’t tell you how good it feels to not be interested in this … Continue reading

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Homeless Fashion and So Much More

This get-up comes from the new collection by InAisce, designed by a New Yorker called Jona. Here’s how Trendland describes the collection:  Jona of InAisce developed a unisex line of clothes that melds the lines between mythical and avant garde fashion. Drawing … Continue reading

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Word Usage: Count the Crimes

Here’s a beaded cat-ear headband for $1,290 at net-a-porter, but that’s not the problem. Here’s the description: There are so many things wrong in this one paragraph! I counted six word crimes, and you may find that I passed some … Continue reading

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