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Why Are They Torturing Me? Part 1

Sometimes I go looking for trouble but other times it assaults me when I’m doing what I call Minding My Own Business. These fucking boots are in the second category. I was scrolling through the new arrivals at farfetch.com when … Continue reading

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A Letter From Mrs. Palin !

Last night, I was summoned by George W (described by a talking head on CNN as a ‘high-functioning moron’ in a rare moment of candor) and Grandpa to meet with Sarah Palin in her home-state, Alaska. She had fled there … Continue reading

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Grandpa and The Church Lady

This new reality series will be fun to watch, as long as you have a stiff drink on hand. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to smash your TV or whoever happens to be sitting next to you. Grandpa is … Continue reading

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A Movie To Not See, No Matter What

On the eve of Mother’s Day, I have just made the mistake of watching a new movie on Showtime called “An American Crime”. I feel emotionally battered and spiritually defiled, but perhaps I can spare someone else from making the … Continue reading

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