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$300 Lipstick, Finally!

This is what I’ve been praying for: a red lipstick I don’t want! What a wonderful surprise from Givenchy, the brand of choice for Kim, Kanye, and many other celebrity luminaries. Allow me to fill you in: French luxury label … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand

Everywhere I go online today, there is shit about Fifty Shades of Grey. I guess there’s a new trailer out, or maybe it’s the first trailer. I can’t tell you how good it feels to not be interested in this … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2014 Exegesis

  Let’s start with the men. Guys, don’t wear your hair up! If you’re a Sumo wrestler, fine, otherwise, never. This douche above turned out to be the horrible Edward Zero character, but his name is Alex Ebert and he … Continue reading

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Now I’m Mad.

  I just found out that MAC produced this beautiful red lipstick without telling me, and it sold out in three hours. This is a fucking outrage. I blame everybody. It was part of MAC’s collaboration with Rihanna, whose lipstick … Continue reading

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J. JS Lee

Monastic minimalism from J. JS Lee for Fall 2011. You could add color to these elegant somber looks with the bright green suede boots we are   all waiting for. And you can add the brand’s black  leather  satchel, for a chic  masculine  look with … Continue reading

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Simply Perfect

A white shirt with black trousers and red lipstick. This picture makes me sad for every other garment and cosmetic item, which are all clearly superfluous. ~ Ralph Lauren Fall 2011, model Sui He.

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Still Mean!

The Man Repeller is not just repelling men. Consider me repelled. I don’t think I “get” her, but I don’t think I’d like her if I did. Why is she everywhere?? Why is she so connected, because there is no … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I am a Biped from Sister Wolf on Vimeo.

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Why Bother with Lipstick if it isn’t Red?

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Lipstick Envy

Ooooooooooh! This lipstick is the business. That kid knows his red, doesn’t he??

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